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Satanic Agenda Exposed: Christian Infiltrates Satanist Convention, Tells All

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You know, it says something about how powerful liberalism that they’ve even turned Satanism into something pathetic and cringe-inducing. Fifty years ago, Satanists were teenagers who wanted to be edgy and rebel against their parents and society, so they’d do insane things like kill animals and perform demonic rituals.
But now, being a “Satanist” is just another way of being a lame blue-haired Twitter liberal. I know you might not believe us, but it’s true. The Satanic Temple is literally just Planned Parenthood plus the ACLU with an ugly new coat of paint. It was only incorporated in 2012. Their “religion” is just performance art to promote modern liberalism. They claim Satan is just a symbol of “rebellion,” but they rebel against nothing. They would never in their lives think of disagreeing with contemporary liberalism on anything. Instead, they just use their fake religion to argue that abortion is a religious right.
Kyle Clifton snuck inside a Satanic Temple and observed how their fake religious is used to push a liberal agenda.

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