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Someone Had to Say It. “Trust the Science!” – Jim Breuer Pokes Fun at Media Parrots [VIDEOS]

This is pretty much exactly how ‘conspiracy theorists’ saw A LOT of the sheople that kept falling for the so-called expert’s official narrative…

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“What are you, a conspfffiracy ptheorist?”

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Seems the people of the internet really like Jim…

“Good stuff”

“Hilarious! I feel better now.”

“Jim Breuer is amazing, he was on a podcast some months ago “parroting” the same kind of bit. also doing seal impressions, good stuff.”

“Needed a good laugh. Thanks!!!!”

“LOL they needed that laugh! People wiping their eyes hahaha love it.”

“This might be the best thing I’ve seen on the internet this entire week”

If you want to see the entire video, click below.

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