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‘The Science Was Never On Their Side’ – RFK Jr. Dismantles the ‘Safe and Effective’ Narrative [VIDEO]

Not long after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for over $40 billion for more COVID-19 aid, pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna pushed for yet another booster to be approved. And as of this week, the Food and Drug Administration approved the next line of shots for adults 50 years of age or older. On top of that, just a week ago, Moderna announced they had seen promising results [1] showing that its COVID-19 drug for babies performed just as “well” as their initial drug. It should be noted that the COVID-19 drug doesn’t stop the virus from being contracted or spread. Still, as 2022 is shaping up to be another year of massive pharmaceutical profits, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is sounding the alarm of something more important than money. 

In the video, which can be watched below, RFK Jr. admitted that the drugs being promoted to fight COVID-19 are both “unnecessary and ineffective.”

“Not only are the injections unnecessary and ineffective, he said, “but they are also dangerous, serious injuries are far from rare. In fact, the best science suggests the risk from the vaccines, particularly in young people, outweighs their benefits. The danger disproportionately burdens the young and healthy. A study out of Hong Kong suggests that one in every 2700 boys will be diagnosed with myocarditis following the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Similarly, a study from Kaiser found the exact same rate of myocarditis in American boys, one in 2, 700.” 

RFK Jr. also criticized the CDC for downplaying the true harm from myocarditis. “While the CDC is trying to tell Americans that myocarditis is a mild disease, cardiologists know otherwise. CDC’s own preliminary data revealed that nearly half of the young people diagnosed with myocarditis still had symptoms three months later, and 39% had their activity restricted by physicians. We know this serious adverse event frequently occurs in teenagers, but no one knows how often it occurs in younger children. This should be a major concern for people with babies and younger children.”

And not just throwing theories around the room, RFK Jr. was sure to present some data: “VAERS data shows over 25,000 deaths of over a million adverse events and over 200,000 and serious injuries since the vaccine was approved. We need to demand the transparency that they promised us. We need to reclaim our own right to make informed consent over our personal health decisions, and have bodily autonomy and mental clarity and critical thinking and good information so that we can make good decisions, sound decisions for ourselves and our families. The science was never on their side. It’s time now that we follow the science.”