Although the COVID-19 agenda promoted by the Biden administration has come under intense scrutiny from many experts, the White House still has the backing of numerous agencies like the FDA and CDC. Not to mention the famed Dr. Anthony Fauci who has been advising the government during the entire COVID-19 pandemic. Add that with the power of big-tech and the mainstream media, it has become an almost unstoppable force as experts like Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough have been censored and de-platformed for speaking out. And it appears the fraud taking place also extends to pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer who apparently tried to bribe Dr. Paul Alexander with $1 million and a $ 50,000-month salary to simply stop writing about them. 

Knowing that the COVID-19 narrative is crumbling as the science proves the mandates, lockdowns, and jabs did nothing but make Pfizer billions in profits, Dr. Alexander recently spoke to Kristi Leigh, an award winning former news anchor, about how he was stunned when Pfizer presented him with the mesmerizing offer.

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What makes Dr. Alexander’s claim so important is the fact that he is a Canadian health researcher and a former official at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under the Trump administration. According to the doctor’s website, he has “expertise in teaching of epidemiology (clinical epidemiology), evidence-based medicine, and research methodology. He is a former Assistant Professor at McMaster University in evidence-based medicine, a former COVID Pandemic evidence-synthesis advisor to WHO-PAHO, Washington, DC (2020), and former Senior Advisor to COVID Pandemic policy in the US government, Health and Human Services (HHS), Washington, DC. He worked/was appointed in 2008 at WHO as a Regional Specialist/Epidemiologist in Europe’s Regional Office in Denmark (nations involved in assigned WHO’s project were Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland).” 

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Also writing about his interactions with Pfizer and the tough decision, Dr. Alexander explained, “I joined with the Canadian trucker and now the US trucker to help stop the unscientific mandates and emergency powers, and I will remain fighting…its that critical. These vaccines by Pfizer, Moderna et al are criminal, for because they were non-sterilizing, and they knew it like how Pfizer knew there were 1,223 deaths that they and FDA hid from the public (see recent tranche of released documents, and 1290 special adverse effects etc., all hidden and they hoped for 55 or 75 years) it would have only driven infectious variants and more likely more virulent, more lethal ones. This is happening now. We are at this point where not only is the sub-optimal non-neutralizing Abs driving increased infectiousness of the virus via new variants, but it is driving increased virulence.”

The doctor didn’t just focus on himself, as he added, “Those of us who have been canceled have been hurt, name wise, career, slandered etc. But for each person there is a time in life that we chose to stand up or not…we rise or shrink away, and most scientists, universities, doctors, public health officials, technocrats, governments, COVID Task Forces etc, chose to sell the people out for money, their grants, their salary was more important, so their silence was bought…so yes, we are hurt as our careers and income were hurt, I being one of them and I was stunned at what I was told on the phone twice in the call with the ask on a trip to TO…would have changed my life, but I said no, shove it, and so be it…money can come again and we will survive. Money is not the key in life. There is something called a line of integrity that must not shift based on money etc.”

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The full interview with Dr. Alexander and  Kristi Leigh can be watched below. 

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