During a recent broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, show host Tucker Carlson pushed back on the constantly repeated narrative that Ukraine is somehow a “democracy,” highlighting recent actions taken by the Ukrainian government that seem to contradict that narrative.

Carlson set the stage by highlighting what he called “prerequisites for democracy,” rather than just mere “features.”

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“What exactly is democracy? Well, pluralism is the hallmark of it. In a democracy, citizens can have any opinion they want to have. They can express any opinion they want in public whenever they care to express it, including through mass media.

“If citizens are dissatisfied with their political leadership, they can challenge their leaders for office. Now, all of these things are true in every free country in every period, always. These are not just features of democracy, these are prerequisites for democracy.”

The Fox News host described the aforementioned so as to detail the contrasting aspects of what would be considered a democracy that are actively taking place in Ukraine under President Volodymyr Zelensky’s direction.

“So, with that in mind, you should know about a political party in Ukraine called ‘Opposition Platform For Life.’ Over the weekend, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, banned that party.”

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Carlson then detailed how Zelensky justified these actions by painting these various political parties banned as being tied to Russia, which the assertions made by the Ukrainian president are questionable, to say the least.

However, not only did Zelensky essentially outlaw the political opposition, he also decided to centralize the country’s television stations – what one might call a unified, state-controlled media.

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“Having banned all opposition, he then seized control of the country’s media outlets. Zelenskyy signed a decree that combines all national television channels into a single platform that he controls. He described this as a ‘unified information policy,’ and it certainly is unified.”

As we previously reported here at Red Voice Media, Zelensky did in fact ban his political opponents by way of imposing martial law within Ukraine, as well as seizing control of national television channels. Predictably, Zelensky invoked “the full-scale war unleashed by Russia” as justification for all this.

When pondering on why officials within the United States, liberal news pundits, and the mainstream in general are continuing to push this “Ukraine is a democracy” narrative, Carlson speculated that perhaps the reason this is being repeated over and over is because the kind of “democracy” Ukraine is currently under is the kind Democrats would love to have here stateside.

“Why go the extra step to tell us that Ukraine is a model democracy when it’s not at all? Why are they doing that? Maybe because Ukraine has now has exactly the sort of ‘democracy’ they’d like to see here in the United States.”

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