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Tucker Fires Both Barrels Back At Hillary For Calling Him A Putin Apologist [VIDEO]

Since 2016, Democratic icon and former First Lady Hillary Clinton has had a rather curious fascination with Russia. After her stunning loss, Hillary claimed that there was no way Donald Trump could have won and suggested that Russia was involved. That narrative carried on until Hunter Biden’s laptop that threatened to cripple Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign. Again, the bombshell story was deemed Russian misinformation. And now, according to Hillary, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson is a Russian pawn spreading their agenda.

Shocked that he was being fooled, Carlson himself decided to respond to the claims by doing an entire segment on Hillary Clinton, her wild behavior around bombing Syria, and how “The people who legitimately loathe America, who won’t stand for the National Anthem… those are exactly the people calling anyone who criticizes their terrible foreign policy decisions as a traitor to America. ‘YOU DON’T JUST LOVE AMERICA ENOUGH,’ say the people who won’t stand for the National Anthem. That’s hilarious. On the other hand, you know what Hillary Clinton does to her enemies, so we’re watching carefully.”

Take a look. 

Hillary’s accusations against Carlson came on Monday’s episode of “You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton” when she said, “The Russian government even broadcasts Tucker Carlson, who appears on Fox News, because of what he says in support of Putin or casting doubt on those who are seeing with our own eyes what Putin is doing.” 

Journalist Anne Applebaum added, “I don’t know exactly where Tucker gets his information but some of it is quite specific. He’s made specific comments about things the Ukrainians have done that someone is feeding him information about how to describe the war and giving him ideas. Then, of course, that information is very, very useful for the Putin regime to play it back on Russian TV. Tucker Carlson appears quite frequently and it’s used as evidence that ‘we have support in America.’ He’s literally a useful idiot. He’s getting information from someone with ties to Russia. I don’t know who that is and I don’t want to speculate.” She was sure to note, “He’s acting as a conduit for the Russian government.”

Internet users had some fun with their responses, one noting, “We all saw what Killery did… Benghazi anyone!”

Another said, “We ain’t ALLOWED our own opinions, observations nor expressing Truths!!! she is of the devil, we’ve KNOWN THIS FOR YEARS!!!”