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Here’s a great poll out of Canada. A pollster there hit on the idea of asking people their opinions on Ukraine along with their vaccination status. The figures are staggering.

Among the vaccinated, 86 percent want tougher economic sanctions on Russia. For the unvaccinated, it’s 13 percent. Among the vaccinated, 81 percent want a total oil boycott, versus just 21 percent of the unvaxxed. 82 percent of vaxxers want to send additional weapons to Ukraine, including 52 percent who want to send fighter jets. versus 15 percent for the unvaxxed on both questions. In fact, 30 percent of vaxxers want boots on the ground in Ukraine, despite the very real risk of starting World War 3. Only 11 percent of the unvaccinated are that nuts.

Now, we’re not saying the vaccine made people think this way. Maybe a few of our guests think the vaccine causes mind control but I don’t go that far. But these numbers tell us a lot. They tell us that the same people who buy into the propaganda about the vaccine also buy into the propaganda about Ukraine. Because that’s what both of these issues are about: Propaganda the press and government are pushing versus facts that we can see right in front of our eyes. It’s actually insane; the Twitter accounts that are the most fanatical about starting World War 3 with Russia are the same Twitter accounts that were the most insane about Covid, and still are the most insane about Covid. They ordered us all to keep our children locked up for two years to stop a virus that was zero risk; now they want to send jets to bomb a country with five thousand nuclear weapons.

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The propaganda tells us that Ukraine is a plucky liberal democracy, some kind of gigantic Brooklyn in Eastern Europe. The way some people on Twitter talk about it, you’d think that being Ukrainian was just a new word for being gay.

The reality is nothing like that. Here’s some events that happened over the weekend. Ukrainian president Wolodymyr Zelenskyy banned eleven opposition parties within the country, including the leading opposition party. His justification for this? Believe it or not, he’s accusing them of “Russian collusion.” Zelenskyy says, quote, ““The activities of those politicians aimed at division or collusion will not succeed, but will receive a harsh response.” How harsh could that be? It might include the death penalty administered without a proper trial, because Ukraine is under martial law right now.

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Zelenskyy has also banned three independent TV networks, and has issued a decree merging all remaining TV channels into a single state-controlled network.

This really perfectly encapsulates what D.C. sees “democracy” as. Elite oligarchs banning all dissenting parties and shutting down all independent media outlets, but subservient to the American Deep State.

Now, Zelenskyy’s shills will say he had to do this, because his country is under attack. But this didn’t start with the invasion. Zelenskyy has always been like this. He banned a bunch of TV networks a year ago too; according to Time Magazine, this was meant as a “gift” to the Biden regime. Months before Russia even started its buildup on the border, Zelenskyy charged the leader of the #1 opposition party with treason, and forced him into house arrest. This leading opposition party is one of the ones he just banned by the way.

None of this is exaggerated. These aren’t allegations made by Russian state media and nowhere else. It’s all 100% real, you just won’t hear about it because our press wants us to intervene and risk a nuclear war by fighting on Ukraine’s behalf.

So the press is hiding the truth about Ukraine from you. But that’s not all they’re hiding.

Here’s something else Putin said just a few days ago. At the end of an address to the Russian people, Putin also said this. Quote: “I want ordinary Western citizens to hear me. They are trying to convince you that your difficulties come as a result of Russia’s hostile actions, that you need to pay for them from your own wallet. This is a lie. The current difficulties that people in the West are currently facing come as a result of the actions taken by the ruling elites of the West. These elites are not thinking about how to improve the lives of their citizens, they are obsessed with their own selfish interests and super profits. … All the verbal bling about political correctness, inviolability of private property, freedom of speech — everything vanished overnight. Even Olympic principles were trampled on, they did not hesitate to settle accounts with Paralympic athletes. In many countries, people are deprived of their rights just because they are Russians, they are denied medical care, education. The West has torn off all the masks.”

Now let’s be honest: Did you disagree with any of that at all? We certainly don’t.

Over the weekend, Russia held a war rally in Moscow. It got almost no coverage here, but about 200,000 people attended. To the extent it was covered at all, our press claims the rally was all fake and people were forced to attend. And we’ll be frank, it looks like government workers were bused in to make sure the crowd would be big. But the enthusiasm of the crowd makes it obvious this wasn’t a fake rally. It looked a lot like a Trump rally, actually, and Putin gave a bit of a Trump-style speech. Putin defended the invasion by saying he was saving Ukraine’s Russian population from genocidal actions by Ukraine’s government. He quoted the Bible, saying of Russia’s soldiers that “there is no greater love than giving up one’s soul for one’s friends.”

From the beginning, Putin has said that this war is motivated by NATO expansion, by Russian security, and to prevent genocidal actions by Ukraine against its Russian-ethnicity citizens. Maybe “genocide” is over-the-top rhetoric, the sort of thing you hear when a country is at war. But Given what we know about Zelenskyy and Ukraine, do we really think they’re above atrocities? Ukraine has actual neo-Nazi units in its military. We don’t mean gangs, and we aren’t calling them “Nazis” the way the press calls January 6 protesters Nazis. I mean they literally like carrying around Nazi flags and using SS paraphernalia. Since this war started, that unit, the Azov battalion, has repeatedly used civilians as human shields in Mariupol, and they’ve had units on patrol to prevent people from fleeing the city on pain of death. They don’t feel any remorse about this because Mariupol actually does have a lot of pro-Russian citizens in it.

All over Ukraine, politicians and ordinary citizens accused of being “saboteurs” or being pro-Russia “traitors” have been rounded up, tortured in public, and sometimes murdered. You can find videos of this online. In Eastern Ukraine, Volodymyr Struk, mayor of the town of Kreminna, was kidnapped by masked militants and executed without a trial. The response of a Ukrainian government official was “one less traitor in Ukraine.”

Again, all of this is true. This is the country that our leaders want to join NATO, so that it’s in a permanent military alliance with us. This is the country they want us to risk a nuclear war on behalf of.

And they’re willing to go a long way to do it. Now they’re “warning” Putin against using chemical weapons against Ukrainians. Translation: We think Ukraine might used chemical weapons, and we’re getting read to blame Russia, just like we blamed Bashar Assad for attacks in Syria that he had zero reason to commit and there’s no evidence he did.

That’s the truth about what is going on. We’re getting endless propaganda in favor of war, in favor of escalation, in favor of Ukraine, and against Putin, Russia, and all Russian people. We’re not telling you exactly what to believe about this war. But nobody can have a worthwhile view of this conflict without recognizing the web of lies for what it is.

Kash Patel served in the Trump administration and helped oversee the last phases of Trump’s Afghanistan withdrawal. He joins us now.

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