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In the latest installment of The Breakdown, the degeneracy that has been cropping up left and right in the House of Mouse is covered – and emerging details demonstrate that Disney is far from done promoting their alarming agenda.

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Ever since Disney decided to go toe-to-toe against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the Parental Rights in Education bill (that was eventually signed into law), the company has showcased on the world stage a defining mask-off moment with their pro-grooming advocacy.

From deciding to include same-sex kissing scenes in children’s animated movies, to promising to include more “LGBTQIA” representation in their programming – Disney is plunging deeper and deeper into the pro-gender bending madness.

Disney has even been bringing in the heavy hitters, tapping into talent from none other than Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign to help drive their agenda forward.

All this and more regarding Disney’s sordid endeavors is covered on the latest episode of the Breakdown.

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