For months, thanks to the World Economic Forum being extremely open about their plans of the future, the general public has watched as key members, including its founder Klaus Schwab, discuss a time where machines and humans are one. But while many are criticizing the WEF, it appears they aren’t the only ones discussing what the future might hold for countries all over the globe. Having fought the coronavirus, the World Health Organization apparently wants to capitalize on the pandemic and use it to usher in a new era of government overreach and global solidarity. 

In the video, which is featured below, Astrid Stuckelberger, an international health scientist with more than 25 years of experience, was speaking with Jerm Warfare when she noted, “First of December 2021, to negotiate a convention agreement or other international instrument under the Constitution of the World Health Organization. So basically, in this document of the guideline, they give much more clues of their intention. The WHO constitution will be the global constitution of the world. It will no longer be recognized that the national constitution holds any power to manage, monitor, respond, prepare a pandemic, and that horrible epidemic and low on emergencies that other countries have been waiting for.” 

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The scientist added, “This means that there is a centralization of power, a delegation from member states that their constitution is in the hands of WHO constitution. If you look at every country, it has been worked on since 15-20 years. And in the Constitution, they have added a law that the national constitution is superseded by international law when there was a special case of emergency and national security and international health security. So there is a mechanism almost everywhere that has allowed this to happen. And this is appalling, because, of course, they’re never very clear.”

As mentioned above, the WHO is being accused of using the pandemic to accelerate their plan. Stuckelberger admitted, “There are many flaws in the global system to protect people from pandemics. The most vulnerable people are going without the vaccine. You see the health workers without needed equipment to perform life saving work, to access vaccines. And they have to make order in all this. And that’s why WHO has to take power and make a system. Global solidarity is needed to deal with the global threat and WHO knows it all and can do it.”

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Stuckelberger concluded that WHO is positioning itself to be the only agency capable of handling any crisis or pandemic. “So under ideals of the world together, being in solidarity, and everybody has access to health, they actually want to create this perpetual pandemic system where only WHO knows what to do.”

The entire interview can be watched below. 

Astrid Stuckelberger On The WHO’s ‘Pandemic Treaty’ – Jerm Warfare

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