On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, host Rogan welcomed American author and security specialist Gavin de Becker to his podcast. As are most of Rogan’s podcasts, the pair discussed several of the problems currently facing America. There are many. But what appeared to catch the focus of Becker was the flow of information being viewed by the American people and who exactly controls that narrative. Being a security expert, Becker questioned the true intentions of big tech giants like Twitter and Facebook. They now have the power to crush a story written by one of the oldest newspapers in America. 

Using the Hunter Biden laptop as an example, Becker explained how the New York Times had written an article on the entire scandal while Joe Biden was running for President. Although the Democrats claimed it was Russian disinformation, the story would be buried not only by the mainstream media but also by Big Tech. Take a look. 

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Giving a short timeline of the Hunter Biden laptop, Becker said, “Other incentives, in the beginning of this pandemic, would be to get rid of Trump, meaning mainstream or corporate media had had enough. They had whatever their philosophical beliefs were about Trump. And so all bets were off. A very interesting example was the New York Post story on Hunter Biden. New York Post, the oldest newspaper in America, started by Alexander Hamilton, for God’s sake, runs this story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. And the Biden campaign, he hadn’t won yet, floated the idea that it was all Russian disinformation, and 50 former intelligence officers wrote a public letter saying it has the earmarks of Russian disinformation, meaning it looks like it could be Russian disinformation. But the really bad thing that happened is Twitter would not allow you to share the story. And Facebook would not allow you to to share the link. So the story was literally killed. And guess what? Two weeks ago, the New York Times has now come out and acknowledged that it wasn’t Russian disinformation. It is Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Becker added, “I’m not a political person. Don’t care about Biden, don’t care about Trump, don’t care about Hunter Biden. Not interesting. But what is very interesting and important to me is the control of information in terms of censorship, and I didn’t like it.”

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As for the reason for the current coverage, Becker revealed, “Probably because indictments might be coming. There might be some kind of charge arising out of an investigation. The New York Times has done this before; big media companies do it, which is eventually, they say everything.”

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While commentators, podcasters, and hosts give their insight, it is best to go straight to the source, which one reporter did. Having a chance to get his take on the laptop sandal, as can be seen in the video above, former President Donald Trump admitted, “They deceived the public; they waited. It meant 17 points in the election. Seventeen points more, we would have gotten on the rigged election. And it was just additional rigging if you think about it. But the New York Times essentially admitted that they knew, and they admitted that it was false. And also all of our intelligence. I guess we had 51 intelligence, so-called intelligence people. They got caught. They got caught. They’re a bunch of liars, and they should be ashamed of themselves.”

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