WASHINGTON, DC – According to reports, at least four Secret Service agents – some apparently assigned to the security details of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – had become compromised in some unusual bribery and infiltration scheme cooked up by two men posing a faux federal agents.

What’s all the more concerning is that it isn’t clear what these two men were allegedly trying to accomplish.

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The two men allegedly behind this plot were identified as Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Ali. Federal prosecutors claimed that Ali bragged about having ties to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence following his arrest, and Ali’s passport did indicate he’d travelled to Iran and Pakistan recently.

Authorities say that Taherzadeh and Ali were conducting their operation out of five units in a lavish D.C. apartment building in the Navy Yard neighborhood, telling their marks that they were part of a covert investigation team investigating the January 6th Capitol incident as well as doing undercover anti-gang operations.

The two allegedly claimed they were part of a DHS-led unit called the U.S. Special Police Investigation Unit – which, in reality, doesn’t exist.

Nonetheless, the two purportedly set their sights on at least four Secret Service agents and one DHS official, showering these marks with free gifts ranging from iPhones, TVs, even covering rent for some of them.

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One Secret Service agent was gifted nearly a year’s worth of rent from February 2021 to January 2022 in a penthouse boasting an annual market value of roughly $40,000.

Court filings regarding the case noted that Ali allegedly secured all the access codes to the apartment building out of which they were operating, which is also the home of numerous journalists, government employees, and even members of Congress.

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“Taherzadeh stated that Ali had obtained the electronic access codes and a list of all of the tenants in the apartment complex. Taherzadeh further stated that Ali was the individual that funded most of their day-to-day operation but Taherzadeh did not know the source of the funds.”

When authorities searched the apartment units out of which Ali and Taherzadeh were operating, they reportedly found numerous firearms, sniper scopes, police lights and other law enforcement gear, as well as tools to craft fake IDs.

All four of the Secret Service agents compromised in the scheme have since been placed on leave, but it’s unclear whether they were directly involved in criminal activity.

Strangely enough, the entire plot was discovered seemingly by chance after a mail carrier was assaulted in the same building where Taherzadeh and Ali operated and tenants inside of the building told a postal inspector that they should consult with the two men.

This odd occurrence led to the postal inspector contacting the DHS Inspector General’s Office regarding the suspicious direction to talk with Taherzadeh and Ali, and DHS then contacted the FBI over the matter.

Yet still, the motivations of these two individuals are unclear.

Following the bombshell report, Fox News host Jesse Waters asked former Secret Service member Jeff James, “What do you think these foreign agents were after? Was this possibly for an intelligence gathering plot? Or were they, maybe, looking to possibly assassinate VIPs here?”

James claimed it could have been any number of things but noted that the lack of understanding of motivation is “the scariest part” in this unusual scheme.

“Well, it could have gone either way and that’s what’s the scariest part is that we don’t know where this was going. So, it could have been something that they did want to gain access to the persons that secret service protects in order to commit a set an assassination, or they could have gotten to the point with these people where they made them an asset – even gave them a thumb drive and said, ‘Hey, put this into a computer on the Secret Service network,’ and or the White House network and they would have had access to all the Secret Service cameras and alarms, possibly to shut them down and in create some kind of organized attack.”

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