The Democrats, much like the rest of America, are aware of the scandals and mishaps that have followed Joe Biden since he entered the White House. From the Southern border crisis to COVID-19, Biden has not only had a difficult time fixing the problems, but even speaking on the matter seems to make the most voted for President in history completely fumble and stumble around the podium. This has become such an issue that it appears the Democrats have called in former President and Democrat heavyweight Barack Obama to help them push their COVID-19 agenda.

It wasn’t that long ago that Obama visited the White House with President Biden in attendance. The cameras were rolling as the room flung to Obama, leaving President Biden to just stare blankly, wondering what to do next. 

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With Obama back on scene, in the video below, he was speaking at Stanford University about the dangers of misinformation and how susceptible people are to lies, especially on the internet. At the same time, Obama blamed disinformation for the lack of support for the COVID-19 drug. He said, “Despite the fact that we have now essentially clinically tested the vaccine on billions of people worldwide. Around 1 in 5 Americans is still going to put themselves at risk… rather than get vaccinated.”  

While Obama harped on the importance of facts and data, on Fox News, comedian Jimmy Failla ripped into the former President saying, “That speech was classic Obama and that it was smooth as silk and completely full of ‘it.’ Here’s what everybody needs to understand, Democrats consider disinformation, anything that doesn’t help them. That’s what they mean by when they say they’re fighting disinformation. They’re spreading disinformation. I’ll give you an example. The Hunter Biden laptop story we were told by the Democrats was disinformation. What happened after the election? It was true. And if you want to talk about people spreading misinformation about the vaccine, Obama should spare a word for Joe and Kamala, who on the campaign trail trashed the vaccine. They were treating it like Trump was making it himself for Baron school science fair.”

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Failla added in the video above, “Obama should shut up and build another beachfront mansion while he lectures us about rising sea levels. Stop it.”

Another person to speak up on Obama’s speech was Steve Kirsch, who advocates for medical freedom and decided to challenge the former President to a $1 million debate on the issue of COVID-19. He wrote, “President Obama, I’m willing to bet $1M that you (and your friends in the White House and CDC) are the misinformation spreaders and not me and my friends. Will you accept? Or do you agree I’m right?”


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