Discovery channel’s streaming service Discovery+ recently unveiled a trailer for a show titled “Generation Drag” that follows the lives of families whose young boys perform as drag queens.

The streaming platform debuted the promotional clip for the show on April 26th, which a report from Adweek described the synopsis of the show as, “an intimate look at five teenagers preparing for their biggest drag performance at Dragutante, a drag show that serves as a platform for LGBTQ+ teens to express themselves.”

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When watching the preview released for this upcoming show, it becomes painfully obvious that this is a program meant to romanticize the idea of young boys dressing in drag and ostensibly sexualizing them in one of the most perverse manners.

It’s almost as if someone at Discovery+ watched Netflix’s “Cuties” and thought to themselves that they should craft a program seething with even more perverse, degenerate elements to offer an end-product that combines the horrid effects of grooming in tandem with sexualizing children.

And of course, one of the young children featured in this upcoming show isn’t merely a participant in depraved drag queen performances – they also happen to identify as transgender.

In the promotional clip for the show, this young boy who proclaims to be a girl is even featured asking his parents to take down family photos from his youth as they serve as “a constant reminder that I had to pretend I was a boy.” The irony is rich that a young boy pretending to be a young girl would utter such a thing.

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But alas, one can’t blame this misguided boy too much, considering his parents obviously enabled this sort of thing since they’re part of this upcoming show on Discovery+.

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A show of this caliber coming from Discovery is hardly shocking, as they were the company – by way of their subsidiary TLC – to act as trailblazers in the mainstreaming of youthful corruption within this sort of framework. This is of course a reference to TLC’s show “I Am Jazz” which premiered in 2015, and chronicled the family life of a young boy named Jazz Jennings who was being raised as though he were a young girl after his parents proclaimed he was diagnosed with gender dysphoria at the age of 4-years-old.

Programs such as the forthcoming “Generation Drag” from Discovery+ serve as another means to utilize the new method and era of grooming, via indoctrinating youth who may interact with such programs and by emboldening would-be groomer parents and guardians.

The youthful indoctrination impacts these programs bear is fairly easy to digest in its method, in that young kids who encounter such programs can be led to believe that this sort of behavior and perverse sexualization of children is not only normal – it’s celebrated.

Whereas with the emboldening would-be groomer parents and guardians, these shows offer a chance for perverse-laden ideologically-driven parents to feel as though imparting their distorted kinks on their kids is also perfectly acceptable because they’re watching other parents do it too.

It’s a sickening cycle, and Discovery is contributing to it.

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