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Doctor Calls For Worldwide Venom Testing: “Covid” Symptoms Support Ardis Theory

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Ben Marble is the founder of My Free Doctor dot com and is the most banned doctor in America. He used his website to offer ivermectin to the American people after hospitals and pharmacists across the country colluded to deny people access to the drug, even though it’s a nobel-prize winning drug known for having virtually zero side effects while curing all kinds of ailments.

Dr. Marble says that he has treated more than 15,000 covid patients and has achieved a ninety-nine point nine nine percent survival rate using a multi-drug early treatment.

Now, he’s called for testing to explore Dr. Ardis’s snake venom covid sequence theory. But he says that even if Dr. Ardis’s theory is not true, then we still have a big problem: We have the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda, the plan for global vaccine mandates, global vax passports, global everything. The end of America and a lot more.

Dr. Marble joins us.

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