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Dr. Malone Drops More Truth Bombs, Calls Out Pelosi, Biden, The CDC & More In Just Over A Minute [VIDEO]

The ongoing narrative surrounding COVID-19 is that the Biden administration will do whatever it takes to end the pandemic. It wasn’t that long ago when President Joe Biden tried to force the COVID-19 drug on America’s workforce. Not only did that backfire, but in Canada, residents stood up against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for also pushing outlandish mandates that have yet to stop the coronavirus from spreading around the globe. Still, as citizens grow increasingly frustrated with the government overreach, Pfizer was recently approved for yet another jab for people 50 years of age or older. And that appears to be just the start as trials pertaining to six-month-old babies are still ongoing. 

While COVID-19 hasn’t been erased from the planet, it is interesting that pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer are making billions in profits for a drug that doesn’t seem to work. Experts like Dr. Robert Malone have been censored, vilified, and mocked for taking a stance and demanding the COVID-19 drug data be released. 

As can be seen in the video above, Dr. Malone, speaking on a panel including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, admitted, “The consensus of over 17,000 physicians and medical scientists are that the risk-benefit ratio for children does not justify vaccination. Furthermore, I met with Nancy Pelosi and her office many, many months ago, as the vaccines were being rolled out and specifically requested, and they acknowledged my request that there be risk stratification by age and by risk group. That was intentionally not done. The CDC is withholding large amounts of data and has been doing so for the bulk of this entire pandemic.”

Dr. Malone added that he, like many, trusted the CDC and was ultimately confused when it was hijacked by the Biden administration and used for political gain instead of what it was designed for. “We believed as physicians that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was a neutral arbiter of truth. And under this administration, it has weaponized public health for political purposes on the part of the federal government.”

In D.C, the Republicans and Democrats are fighting about granting more COVID-19 aid to the Biden administration. The Democrats have proposed a $10 billion plan, but that decision won’t be made until after Easter. Senator Mitt Romney admitted, “As soon as we have an amendment process, we can get onto the bill and proceed. Once we have that, I think we’ll have well more than 60 votes. But until then, we obviously can’t move forward.” The GOP is currently pushing for Title 42 to be reinstated, which allows illegal immigrants to be turned away at the Southern border due to a public health emergency like COVID-19.