According to the White House, since the start of the Biden administration, Joe Biden has not only given an additional $800 million to help assist Ukraine fighting off the Russian military, but apparently the grand total will be around $2 billion. But that doesn’t seem to matter as the world stands one with Ukraine as Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his assault. But while the Democrats wear blue and yellow, when it comes to Ukrainian-American physician Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, he isn’t being shown the same love and support as he speaks out against he COVID-19 agenda being forced on America and the world. 

Appearing on The Mel K Show, Dr. Zelenko discussed the COVID-19 agenda and the push to get people to take the plunge. While the White House supports people getting the COVID-19 jab made by Pfizer and Moderna, the doctor admitted in the video below, “The damage was quite severe, dose related. Like the more shots you take, the more damage there is to your immune system. So if you did it once, don’t do it again. By the way, we knew through hacked Pfizer and Moderna documents that a lot of numbers were all different in contents. In other words, one of the jobs of the FDA is to ensure that someone in one part of the country is getting the same thing that someone in another part of the country is getting. Meaning substances uniform, and everyone’s getting the same thing. And it should be something that has been medically necessary and works safe. But what they have done is create a whole series of different formulations, different concentrations, different ingredients. And so not everyone got the same.”

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Wanting to know more, the host asked, “By why would they do that?”

Answering, Dr. Zelenko said, “I’ll tell you why. Some of the lots were 5,000% more lethal than others or think of it as 50x. So let’s say one vial killed one person. Another vial killed 50 people. That’s in terms of lethality. If everyone would have gotten the same thing, it’ll be clear in a clear correlation that you’re being poisoned and no one will take it. But the most common question I got was, well, I know these people and they’re okay. And the answer is yeah, because not everyone got the same thing.”

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It should be noted that while adverse reactions have been documented, the FDA still went ahead and approved yet another booster for people 50 years of age or older. At the same time, Joe Biden ordered that new research must be done surrounding what’s being called “long COVID.” He hoped this would help those who have suffered from “mysterious conditions.” 

The full interview can be watched below.

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