BATTLE GROUND, WA – Joe Kent is a Trump-endorsed Republican candidate running for the Republican nomination to represent Washington’s 3rd congressional district and aims to unseat “America Last RINO Jaime Herrera Beutler.”

While Kent seemingly boasts much of what the America First-minded constituent would want to hear, Kent is allegedly running a campaign that will undoubtedly raise some eyebrows with conservatives to the point where voters may speculate, “Do the ends justify the means?

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A source who worked hands-on in Kent’s campaign, his former campaign manager Byron Sanford, recently shared details about the goings on of the campaign and the sort that Kent has managed to surround himself with – alleging the aspiring congressman and some of his cohorts are conspiring to engage in shady to potentially illegal acts.

When looking at Kent’s website dedicated to his run for Congress, the first among his listed “Issues” is none other than “Election Integrity,” which is a tad ironic given the details that were shared by the source regarding Kent’s campaign.

According to 18 U.S. Code § 597, it is illegal to offer any sort of “expenditure to any person, either to vote or withhold his vote or to vote for or against any candidate.” Yet, Sanford claimed that Kent was entertaining the idea of buying votes from the local homeless population.

“[Kent] talked about the possibility of getting homeless people to vote by giving them cigarettes, pizza, et cetera.”

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For the sake of context, those found guilty of the aforementioned could face up to a year in federal prison. Not to mention, the practice isn’t exactly the bastion of election integrity, which is a key tenet Kent campaigns on.

Sanford provided screenshots of text messages dating back to November and December of last year where Kent’s now current campaign manager, Ozzie Gonzalez, had referenced these potential exploits.

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*The phone number in the text messages has been blacked out for privacy purposes, but Red Voice Media confirmed the number belongs to Ozzie Gonzalez after speaking with him on the phone regarding this story.

Image Credit: courtesy Byron Sanford

Also, among Kent’s listed “Issues” on his campaign website is a portion dedicated to immigration, which makes sense considering it is a hot topic that conservative voters want to be addressed.

Kent’s website notes that the country needs “strict immigration control,” highlighting how “illegal immigration affects our economy and the ability of working-class Americans to obtain jobs.” Yet, Sanford  claimed that Kent’s campaign doesn’t have that big of an issue with illegal immigrants so long as they’ll do some ballot harvesting.”

“And then [Kent’s] dad owns a company – I believe it’s a construction company – and his dad is in Texas right now hiring illegal immigrants to harvest ballots.”

Additional text messages from Kent campaign manager Gonzalez showcase him mentioning the possibility of getting “illegals” to vote in the election, while also asserting how he’ll “steal the election” for Kent and enlist others in harvesting ballots to potentially discard unfavorable ones.

Image Credit: Byron Sanford

Sanford also alleged that there were talks about potentially using “flashlights” to see if harvested ballots were or were not in favor of Kent – which it needn’t require a wild imagination on why a candidate’s campaign would want to be privy of such favorable and unfavorable votes in their de facto custody.

Again, text messages provided seem to afford credibility to these claims, as Gonzalez references the aforementioned scheme.

Image Credit: Byron Sanford

Outside of shady and potentially illegal acts taking place within Kent’s campaign, some of those close to Kent are beginning to see a pattern of ostensibly poor choices such as aligning with Matt Braynard (who Trump fired back in April of 2016 from his role as a leader of the Trump campaign data team) and an alleged conversation between Kent and controversial pubic figure Nick Fuentes over potential social media strategies.

Sanford cited an amalgamation of other aspects he felt demonstrated that Kent is “just not fit to serve as a member of Congress,” among them pointing out that the district Kent is running in “has one of the highest concentration of Ukrainians,” that will likely be turned off by some of Kent’s recent comments regarding Russia and Ukraine.

Speculating on the matter, the Sanford stated, “Regardless of what one’s position is on Russia and Ukraine, whether we should be involved or not, probably not the best idea for a candidate running for Congress against an incumbent to go out and say that Ukrainians should just surrender territory to Russia – and then 10% of the people that live in [Kent’s] hometown are Ukrainian…it just shows a lot of poor judgment.”

But while Kent also proclaims to be America First, Sanford alleged that Kent at times hardly even sounds conservative – claiming that Kent will at times shower Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, with praises.

“He’s not as conservative as some people would think. In comparison to Heidi St. John, for instance, Joe [Kent] has a tendency to go out there and praise people like Bernie Sanders.”

On April 20th, Red Voice Media contacted Gonzalez about the allegations lodged against the Kent campaign. During the call with Gonzalez, he stated that “off the record right now, there’s no validity to them,” and asked for an email to detail out the allegations so that a more polished statement could be rendered.

However, despite sending over the email requested on April 20th directly to Gonzalez, he nor any other representative of the Kent campaign has issued a formal response regarding the allegations.

Needless to say, the allegations against Kent are both heavy and concerning – and certainly a complete divorce from Kent’s boasted principles on matters related to keeping elections secure.

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