FORT BENNING, GA – A Captain of the United States Army who lodged a criminal complaint against Fort Benning, Major General Patrick Donahoe, found himself forced into the fort’s Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) under a mental health evaluation. His previous traumatic brain injury was used as justification in combination with the complaint, and he was also forced to undergo drug testing in the emergency room.

The criminal complaint was filed at CID on April 4, 2022. Initially, CID told the Captain that they were declining to investigate the complaint, but they discussed it up the chain. The Captain was picked up by CID and escorted to EBH “for an emergency evaluation to ensure he wasn’t a danger to himself or others,” along with the forced drug test.

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The Captain was asked not about the complaint or the circumstances surrounding it but rather about his opinions on the results of the 2020 election and the January 6 Washington DC Capitol incident.

To begin with, Donahoe has used his Twitter account to mock anyone with opposing views on Covid, tweeting in July 2021, “Public Service Announcement. Block and report the trolls and the disinformation tinfoil hat team.” While not mentioning the Captain by name, the tweet solidifies the General’s attempts to label the Captain as an “extremist,” which also explains the bizarre decision to use election integrity to question the sanity of an officer.

He also tweeted in July of 2021 at Hillsdale College, telling them to “Come get your boy,” speaking about a Marine who was attending the college and had spoken out on Twitter against Covid jabs.

Donahoe has been accused of “inappropriate” public interaction with “young female officers on social media,” which are reportedly “in clear violations of Army regulation regarding fraternization,” AR600-20 Section 4-14b and continued into at least early 2022.

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This situation started with female Second Lieutenant Longoria posted a series of tweets falsely accusing her cadre of inappropriate comments during sexual harassment training. Donahoe shared the tweets to his tens of thousands of followers, which led to threats against the cadre.

At this point, the same Captain who is now being held against his will in a mental facility filed a complaint against Donohoe to the Inspector General. Although there was no investigation into the matter, the Captain was removed from command and received two general officer memorandum of reprimands (GOMORs) by Donahoe, which the Captain claim are retaliatory in nature.

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In the near future, the Captain will face a board of inquiry to determine his future with the Army, if any.

Colonel Budihas, Donahoe’s former chief of staff, also filed an IG complaint (which was over 100 pages) against Donahoe, and also received a GOMOR after Budihas’ name was not redacted.

Interestingly, before he confirmed that it was Budihas, Donahoe thought the complaint was filed against Colonel Hathaway due to an error by administration. Hathaway was given poor officer evaluation reports by Donahoe, which were only overturned when a Lieutenant General got involved following a new protest complaint by Hathaway.

Donahoe was then informed that it was actually Budihas who made the complaint. Donahoe then started treating Budihas poorly, even forcing him out of his position as chief of staff. Donahoe brought in his current chief of staff, Colonel Tremblay.

The day before Tremblay started his new position, Donahoe tweeted, “Congrats on your new commission tomorrow. And now you have the [US Army] in your corner. And we take care of our own.”

It’s been reported that “multiple independent resources” familiar with the situation confirmed that several equal opportunity complaints were lodged against Donahoe, which the government made “go away” by paying the complainant an “undisclosed amount of money.”

An anonymous Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) who runs social media accounts under the name of terminalcwo (whose intent, the account states, is “exposing military corruption”) posted after the Captain’s medical hold, saying, “If you don’t understand the lengths they’ll go to protect their playground of crime, then you don’t understand how much power we’ve given them over the decades. MG Donahoe should be thought of as a made man in a crime family. The reason folks like myself are able to do what we do is because we maintain our anonymity. Those who stand up in real name and uniform will be silenced by any means necessary, to include being forcefully locked away under the guise of ‘mental health’ in the case.”

The CWO also said, “[The Captain] is of sound mind, I’ve spoken with him within the last few hours, and he has complied and not been violent in any way. The chain of command, all the way from MG Donahoe down, has weaponized the mental health system on Fort Benning to remove this CPT from his family and silence him in his pursuit of accountability for the criminal behavior of the installation’s commanding general.”

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