Although President Joe Biden has been in the White House for over a year after supposedly beating former President Donald Trump, it seems his past is starting to catch up with him. Not only has the Biden administration had to juggle numerous disasters like the Southern border and the withdrawal in Afghanistan, but now, thanks to son Hunter Biden, the entire country is getting an in-depth look into the Biden family and the connections that made them millions. 

While Hunter’s laptop isn’t new information in D.C., it was recently authenticated, meaning it was no longer considered to be Russian misinformation that the Democrats deemed it to be. Instead, the hard drive contained a treasure trove of financial transactions, text messages, drug-fueled rants, and the unbreakable love between Biden’s son and escorts.

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Still, looking past the drugs and sex, Seamus Bruner, the Director of Research at the Government Accountability Institute, revealed in the video above that the most crucial information surrounded Hunter and the World Food Program. He stated, “Hunter Biden joined the board of the World Food Program USA, that is the American fundraising arm of the UN entity, the World Food Program. When Hunter Biden joins the board of the World Food Program, he takes a couple of years before he really starts to leverage his connections there in order to meet with foreign oligarchs with an innocent seeming reason. So in 2013, Joe Biden gives a speech at the World Food Program. And in 2015, Hunter Biden and his business associates really started to meet under the auspices of the World Food Program.”

Giving some examples of what was found, Bruner explained, “the Burisma advisor contacts Hunter Biden via email and says, I’d like to get involved with this UN World Food Program that you’re working for. What really happens after that is there’s no evidence that they actually do any hunger saving work. I mean, Hunter Biden did go on a few trips to Africa, and elsewhere, for the World Food Program. But these oligarchs, the Burisma oligarch, and the Chinese oligarchs, who also hit up Hunter looking to get involved with a World Food Program, they don’t seem to do any hunger work, they just seem to be putting money into Hunter’s pockets.”

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Shockingly, Bruner admitted the tactics used by the Biden family weren’t necessarily new. “It actually started to feel a lot like the Clinton Foundation. When you look at the Clinton Foundation on the surface, it appears like they do all of this great charity work there in Africa, supposedly solving the AIDS crisis and solving climate change and all of these lofty goals. At the end of the day, you see, the Clinton Foundation did not solve any of those problems. But what it did do is pull in two and a half billion dollars and filled the Clinton’s pockets and allowed them to take all these fancy trips.” 

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