Taking a quick glance on Wikipedia will reveal Dr. Michael Yeadon as being a hero in the world of COVID-19 conspiracies. It isn’t remotely stated until further down that Dr. Yeadon was once the chief scientist and vice-president of Pfizer’s allergy and respiratory unit. With the doctor working alongside the same company behind the COVID-19 drug that has been highly debated, it seems that the wave of censorship and defamation continues to spread to those who stand up to the COVID-19 agenda. Still, using every chance to spread his research on the pandemic, Dr. Yeadon revealed some startling information. 

In the video, which is featured below, Dr. Yeadon was discussing the pandemic and the lockdown when he admitted that people were purposely being led to their death. “If they were positive for this so-called COVID, positive PCR, they were then put on a treatment regimen, we kill them. We call it the so-called Liverpool Care Pathway. It’s for in-stage care, people dying of cancer originally. And they will be deprived of food and water. They will be given sedative drugs, sometimes put on a ventilator. If you give a mixture of midazolam and morphine, you’ll be very dozy and slowly stop breathing. Well, those are two of three drugs that were, in some states, used in lethal injections in the US. So obviously not at those doses. Britain definitely stockpiled a year’s worth of midazolam. And because I’ve seen the records that they ordered, and received the same amount every month that they did it in 2019.”

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The doctor added, “There are a group of people in the National Health Service who ordered and with physicians who dispensed three years worth of midazolam and morphine in a couple of three-week or four-week periods, coinciding, oddly enough, with huge numbers of deaths, including the people who you wouldn’t have expected to die, [such as] someone who was 60 and not previously ill.”

Having seen the evidence and reviewed the data, Dr. Yeadon summed it up simply stating, “It’s a fantastic job that physicians have done in working out how to treat COVID-19, but in addition to depriving people of those treatments that would have saved many lives. People were treated to death in British and American hospitals and probably other countries to so yeah.”

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Users online were shocked by the statement from the doctor, with one writing, “They’re using hospitals to euthanize people for money. The names of these people carrying out these atrocities must be recorded for military tribunals for crimes against humanity.”

Other comments included, “Premeditated Murder,” “And it was Matt Hancock behind this before his convenient affair and resignation,” and, “Welcome to the democrat globalist party of America.” 

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