Kash Patel explains why the criminals in the Durham case are contradicting themselves by arguing attorney-client privilege.

As Kash says at the end of this clip, “they just lost.”

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“The defense in this case Michael Sussman and his cohorts through all these pleadings have come in and said judge, attorney-client privilege attorney-client privilege for Perkins Coie, for Fusion GPS, for Mark Elias for Podesta, for Mook for the tech executive, all in relation to the alpha bank server. That’s what the Russia Bank One thing is. And John Durham is like, Wait a second. You can’t have it both ways. Did you take that information to the General Counsel of the FBI on the behest of a client? Or didn’t you?

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Remember, Michael Sussman is charged with lying about his attorney-client relationship to the general counsel of the FBI when he presented the Alpha Bank server information, I hope our viewers can appreciate the complete hypocrisy of this position. And John Durham has in one sentence, I think, nuked the entire flurry of defense friends in defense pleadings that we’ve talked about.

He’s basically saying Wait, so your defense is? You didn’t say that. But now you’re claiming attorney-client privilege. But I thought you didn’t have a client at the time that you made the representation. So you see, the conundrum that the defense has boxed them into and John Durham has called them out on it. So they can’t both be true, which means he’s basically guilty.

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It’s pretty fascinating. And he’s also a vitiated the attorney-client privilege set up that these guys have tried to muscle in through a flurry of pleadings, and that’s what they’re doing. They’re collectively coming together and reporting in the media and saying, you know, look at us, you know, monsters of the democratic institution to mainstream media, the Democratic Party, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the biggest lawyers on the Democratic side, they’re all coming in saying, Nothing to see here, attorney-client privilege, they just lost.” – Kash Patel

Hopefully, Kash is correct and something finally happens to these criminals.

Anyways, here’s what some people are saying about this quick clip…

“In any just legal system, this would be over and done with already. The constant frivolous legal attacks from the left, while the right has to fight to constantly defend; this wouldn’t be happening if people started being held accountable.. but alas, I digress to my original point of there not being a just judicial system.”

“Add in “Joffe”, ‘tech exec1’, requested his name be removed from the ‘tech exec1’ tag… He was never named as ‘tech exec1’ until He DID by asking to be removed… Clowns.”

“Guantanamo Bay with Military Tribunals and executions for treason, espionage, and sedition for the guilty.”

“Kash is one bad a** that I just love to hear discuss all the information.”

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