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John Durham Midnight Court Filing Reveals Smoking Gun Text, Hillary Clinton-Approved Conspiracy [VIDEO]

During a recent appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room, “Just the News” host John Solomon shared details of the latest court filing in the Durham probe that Solomon described as being a “smoking gun” in the case of getting to the bottom of the Russia collusion hoax.

Solomon stated that new evidence has cropped up against former Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann, who was indicted back in September of 2021 [1] for allegedly lying to former FBI General Counsel James Baker back in 2016 about his motivations to hand over “dirt” on Donald Trump.

“Around midnight last night, John Durham filed an explosive new court motion. In that, he unveils a smoking gun text message. Remember, he has charged one of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers, Michael Sussmann, with lying – saying he told the FBI falsely he was bringing Trump dirt as a good American citizen and not on behalf of any client.

“The Sussmann campaign and the Democrats and their defends in the media are saying, ‘Oh, this is nothing, he didn’t do it, it’s just a misunderstanding.’ Well, John Durham dropped into the court record last night a text message from Michael Sussmann to the FBI general counsel saying, ‘I’m not working on behalf of any conspiracy.’ There’s no misunderstanding, it is written in stone.”

Though Solomon said that the newly introduced text message is some damning evidence against Sussmann, he added that this wasn’t “even the biggest news” from the latest Durham filing.

In a landmark event regarding the Durham probe, Solomon stated that for the first time in the history of the case, Durham referred to Hillary Clinton’s entanglement in all the 2016 nonsense to malign Trump as being part of a “conspiracy.”

“But that’s not even the biggest news. What he then goes on to say in this court motion is that we are prepared to show that Hillary Clinton, her lawyers, her researchers, some tech executives – they formed a joint venture, or a conspiracy, to smear Donald Trump. It’s the first time he’s used the word conspiracy in connection with the Russia collusion case.

“It’s now for the first time the chief prosecutor is saying Hillary Clinton engaged in a conspiracy to falsely accuse Donald Trump of collusion. That’s what this filing says, it is a bombshell with tons of new information in it, the text message being the real smoking gun.”

Bannon, noting that Solomon has been extensively covering the Durham probe, asked his guest where does he “see this thing evolving.”

Solomon said there are “two buckets” in the Durham probe that can potentially evolve into some future indictments – one being how exactly was Clinton and her camp tied up in all this and the second being why did the FBI let this investigation run wild against Trump when they knew the Russia collusion allegations were mostly “bogus” or disproven.

In Solomon’s opinion, he believes that we’re “going to see more indictments in both buckets based on what I’m seeing now before the grand jury.”