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Leaked Videos Show Amazon Employees In Complete Meltdown Over Matt Walsh Being #1 LGBT Author

For those who might not know, political commentator Matt Walsh has had a rather interesting career, starting in radio and becoming a top contributor for new outlets like the Daily Wire, The Blaze, and HuffPost. On top of that, he hosted his own podcast, “The Matt Walsh Show,” and has become an accomplished writer on Amazon. While he has written two books called The Unholy Trinity: Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender and Church of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call to Complacent Christians, among all his achievements and stances against same-sex marriage, abortion, and transgenderism in children, it appears his recent book Johnny the Walrus, released in 2021, has not only angered the LGBTQ community, but even made Amazon employees cry. 

In the video below, the unidentified Amazon worker discussed in a meeting the dangers and complaints they received about Walsh’s book. He said, “Johnny the Walrus is a bit of a problematic book — not a bit — it is not a bit of a problem, it’s one hell of a problem.” He added the book was a “very traumatic experience for transgender Amazonians and our transgender customers.”

What made for such a massive wave of backlash pertaining to the book was due to it becoming a bestselling children’s book for the LGBTQ community and humor category. The story followed a young boy named Johnny, who believed himself to be a walrus. Although a children’s book, there is a direct comparison to being a walrus and being transgender. According to customer feedback, “The story is about a kid who likes to pretend he’s different things and one day he pretends he’s a walrus and the community tells him he either has to be a human or he has to be a walrus or they’re going to kill him. He can’t be both. He can’t pretend anymore.”

The customer continued, warning, “You are a selling a manual of how to teach kids to bully other kids to commit suicide. It is teaching kids to kill, well to bully transgenders, into committing suicide.”

In another video, the same Amazon employee grew agitated about another book of Walsh’s called, “What is a woman? One man’s journey to answer the question. I mean, let’s just back up for a second, does a man even belong in this conversation? No, he doesn’t. But guess what, it’s not even on sale yet and it’s number one in women’s studies.” 

Not all that surprising, this wasn’t the first time Walsh has triggered the left. He once explained the transgender movement, claiming, “I could sit here and say I feel like I’m a tomato plant, but it doesn’t actually mean that I am those things…What you want to do is appropriate womanhood and turn it in to a costume that can be worn.”

Take a look. 

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