Now that billionaire Elon Musk has bought Twitter for a staggering $44 billion, the Democrats have expressed the dangers of letting one person have so much control. While Musk has promoted a platform where free speech is protected, many liberals have warned about a massive wave of disinformation that could potentially flood the platform. This concern has apparently reached the Oval Office as President Joe Biden announced Nina Jankowicz as the executive director for the Department of Homeland Security’s newest, Disinformation Governance Board. 

That’s right, the threat caused from disinformation surrounding COVID-19, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and even the Biden family has led to the White House implementing a new board to fight this supposed threat. 

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As for the executive director, Jankowicz has had a rather interesting past that included suggesting Hunter Biden’s laptop was Trump propaganda and that she shuddered at the thought of Musk buying Twitter. In the video below, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson decided to give America a glimpse into the person she is. Take a look. 

Carlson did have some good news. “The good news is everyone involved in Joe Biden’s new Ministry of Information is a buffoon. They may be evil, but they’re also ridiculous. Nina Jankowicz is the most ridiculous of all. So you read about her appointment in The Washington Post this morning and immediately thought of the NKVD because why wouldn’t you? Yet even the NKVD, even at the height of Stalin’s purges, never did karaoke. They were too dignified for that, but Nina Jankowicz happily does. Here she is.”

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Displaying her singing ability, Jankowicz produced a catchy verse about…disinformation. “Information laundering is really quite ferocious. It’s when a huckster takes some lies and makes them sound precocious by saying them in Congress or in mainstream outlets so disinformation’s origins are slightly less atrocious. It’s how you hide a little lie, little lie. It’s how you hide a little lie, little lie. It’s how you hide a little, hide a little lie. Rudy Giuliani shared bad intel from Ukraine. Or when TikTok influencers said COVID can cause pain. They’re laundering disinfo and we really should take note, and not support their lies we our wallet, voice, or throat.”

The Fox News host, like many viewers, was astonished by Biden’s decision, admitting, “This is the point of the show, we’re going to say, we’re kidding. We’re making all this up. It’s not really happening in the country you were born in, but it is happening. That’s now a law enforcement official. It’s also the person you just saw, an individual who brags about getting a master’s degree from Georgetown University. In case you’re wondering if the entire academic credentialing machine that sustains America’s ruling class is, in fact, a joke? Spoiler alert. Yes, it is a joke.”

Watch the full segment below. 

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