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Mind-Blowing: Could the Origin of COVID Be From a Symbol of Evil? – ‘Watch the Water’ [VIDEO]

“NOTICE to Demonic Pharma Killers: The tapes of this full interview and all of the documentation are ALL OVER THE PLACE, and being safely kept on multiple continents.

“This information blew my mind, and it’s going global inside of 10 days.” – Stew Peters

Stew Peters: Brian Ardis, thanks a lot for being here.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: This is actually going to be the only time I’ve ever been nervous in any interview. I’m not kidding. Like, I’ve never been nervous to discuss anything in relationship to the COVID pandemic whatsoever. But this has bothered me and has scared me.

Stew Peters: People have lost their lives over what you’re about to tell the world.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: It all started with a text, the text read, “Hey Dr. Ardis… If you got bit by a rattlesnake, would you go to a hospital and get antivenom?” I cannot believe the amount of evil behind this pandemic with what I’ve realized since then, if it’s true, if it’s true that COVID could actually be… easiest way to figure that out is has that ever been fact-checked? And I wanted to know, was it ever in the media in China? Was there ever any mention that the source could have been a snake? And oh, my God, I couldn’t believe it. Then I find out that there’s an actual doctor who works at the University of Pittsburgh [1] in May.

Stew Peters: This is insane right here.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: And he’s been researching for five months. sequencing of Spike proteins, trying to solve the mystery of SARS COVID 2 victims and he says he’s got a big thing to.. big press release, they’re gonna actually announce all their findings. And Bing Liu [2] is his name.

News Anchor: Setback in the quest to understand Coronavirus after a researcher is shot and killed. [3] 37-year-old Bing Liu was on the verge of making significant findings on COVID-19.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: And then all of a sudden, the realization came that this is the great lie. When I say that they have lied to you about everything in relationship to COVID. They’ve even lied about the viral part of COVID. Could you ever have imagined that the one greatest symbol of evil in all of Christendom? What is the symbol of evil in Christianity? This is a part of why I think my spirit is so moved to make sure this gets out is that… I knew that God was telling me you can’t give up and you have to tell the world.

The morning after Stew Peters released the video you just saw above, he had this to say…

“As for the water: I hope you guys are aware that I have about 4000 pages of documentation to go through, and put this thing together so that it is all backed up with evidentiary support.

“It’s not a “just throw it out there” kind of revelation, and including all of that documentation in an interview for broadcast is not something that can just be thrown together quickly.

“We are not Fox, and we don’t take money from big Pharma or big globalist corporations, so we don’t have 100 people working on it with millions of dollars in equipment and software.

“We are working on it, and it will be out soon.” – Stew Peters