Back in December, the Washington Times reported a mass influx of Democrats retiring from the House of Representatives. At that time, a staggering 23 Democrats decided it was time to move away from the party and D.C. According to the Congressional Leadership Fund Communications Director Calvin Moore, “House Democrats are running for the exits so fast they might set a new land speed record. But who can blame them? With crises on every front, Democrats see the writing on the wall and know their days in the majority are soon coming to an end.” Although a few months ago, the predictions didn’t get any better, as even MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd claimed the Democrats were in shellacking territory. But it appears that no matter what the polls, experts, or America says, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is excited about winning. Maybe…

That’s right, as already mentioned above, host Todd admitted, “So where are we right now? Let’s take a look — the current wrong track in our country is 71%. What’s really striking is this is the third straight poll where the wrong track in our country has been above 70%. Only one other time, we have had that in our poll. It is not a good time if you have 71%. Look, 65% wrong track is a bad number. Seventy-one percent? That’s why it is in the shellacking category.” Still, on Monday, Pelosi was adamant about an upcoming victor in November. Take a look. 

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In the video above, Pelosi said, “I don’t have any intention of the Democrats losing the Congress in November.” She added, “The so-called conventional wisdom — well, there’s nothing conventional anymore,” she said, “because of the way people communicate, social media, and how they receive their information, how they’re called to action, how they’re called to meetings and the rest is quite different. So any assumptions, past assumptions about elections are obsolete. People say, ‘Well, history shows’ … We’re talking about the future.”

The Speaker was also sure to throw support behind President Joe Biden, who is currently struggling in the polls. “We have a vision of victory. We have a plan to get it done. We have a great president, the president for the great vision for America. Tremendous knowledge.”

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It should also be noted that after Pelosi’s comments, Newsmax brought in a body language expert to dissect the Speaker during her speech. Not all surprising, the expert believed that Pelosi was lying about the strategies in place and wasn’t all that sure about her own claims. 

While Pelosi might be doing whatever she can to raise popularity around the Democratic party, MSNBC gave an extreme outlook when Todd concluded,  “When you start dipping below forty-five, you’ve got a problem, and you’re going to have midterms in the bad-to-shellacking ratio. President Biden is at 40. George W. Bush was at 39 in 2006. We know how that turned out. That’s also in shellacking territory.”

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