COLONIA, NJ – According to reports, over 100 former students and staff at Colonia High School developed rare brain cancers, leaving many in the community wondering what was the root cause of these tumors.

Back in 1999, Al Lupiano was diagnosed with what was described as a “very rare” and “abnormally large” brain tumor known as Acoustic Neuroma. In the summer of 2021, Lupiano’s wife and his sister were both diagnosed with rare forms of brain cancer on the same day – with his wife being diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma and his sister with Glioblastoma Multiforme.

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Sadly, Lupiano’s sister passed away this past February at the age of 44.

Understandably, Lupiano was trying to figure out why he and his sister and wife all wound up developing extremely rare brain tumors. Outside of the familial connection, another connection the trio shared was that they’d all attended Colonia High School.

Lupiano decided to create a Facebook group to see if there were any other former students from Colonia High School who’d developed tumors. He stated many people started to come forward.

“I started doing some research, and the three became five, the five became seven, the seven became 15.”

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Eventually, over 100 former students and staff came forward, alleging that they’d been diagnosed with various brain tumors. Lupiano brought his findings to Colonia High School in an effort to help determine what the root cause could possibly be.

However, Lupiano stated that there’s “only one environmental link” that one could draw regarding these brain tumors: ionizing radiation.

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“What I find alarming is there’s truly only one environmental link to primary brain tumors, and that’s ionizing radiation. It’s not contaminated water. It’s not air. It’s not something in soil. It’s not something done to us due to bad habits.”

One theory that has cropped up in these strange occurrences of brain cancer is that a now-closed sampling plant that was located in Middlesex – roughly 30 minutes away from Colonia High School – may be the link in this case.

According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) New York Division, the Middlesex Sampling Plant “was an entry point for African uranium ores known as pitchblende,” which were reportedly “imported for use in the nation’s early atomic energy program [and] were assayed at the Middlesex Sampling Plant and then shipped to other sites for processing.”

Between 1940 and 1967, this plant had taken in uranium, thorium, and beryllium ores. Colonia High School was built in 1967.

While USACE noted that the sampling plat had “decontaminated to the standards in effect at the time,” it was later found that “during decontamination were traces of radioactive materials that had been carried offsite over the years by wind and rain to yards of neighboring homes.”

Woodbridge Mayor John McCormack confirmed that conversations have been started with numerous outfits, such as the Woodbridge Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Environmental Protection, and the Agency for Toxic Substance Disease Registry, to formally open an investigation into possible radiation exposure at the high school campus.

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