EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – A Scotland-based university is reportedly teaching their midwifery students how to care for men who are giving birth. And this instruction isn’t solely around pregnant biological women who are claiming to be men – but actual biological males that the university asserts could give birth through their penis.

The university in question is Edinburgh Napier University, and it appears as though they’re certainly living up to offering a “higher education” since one would ostensibly have to be high on something to deliver instruction on caring for biological men who may be pregnant.

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Namely, because biological men cannot become pregnant. Nonetheless, Edinburgh Napier University, through part of its online module for midwifery students, took the wokeness to absurd levels.

Outside of engaging in the expected nonsense of replacing words like “women” with “birthing people” to cater to emotional hemophiliacs, Edinburgh Napier University claimed by way of catheterizing instructions that people “transitioning from male to female” need specialized care whilst giving birth.

“This update was made to take account of the fact that while most times the birthing person will have female genitalia, you may be caring for a pregnant or birthing person who is transitioning from male to female and may still have external male genitalia.

You need to be familiar with the catheterization procedure for both the female and male anatomy. For this reason, where appropriate, this book refers to the person or birthing person.”

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Obviously, the notion of biological men giving birth has resulted in some pushback over the absurdity of the instruction. Elaine Miller, a Fellow of the Chartered Society for Physiotherapy, was among those flabbergasted at the blatant falsehoods being taught that don’t line up with biological realities.

“It is not possible for a male person to get pregnant… A [female] with a gender difference can become pregnant but will not have male genitalia.”

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Dr. Susan Bewley, an Emeritus Professor in Obstetrics and Women’s Health at King’s College London, was also among those who found the midwife curriculum in this realm “puzzling,” initially believing that this had to be some kind of a joke or hoax.

“There are no circumstances whereby qualified midwives can possibly be asked, or be expected, to catheterize a penis as part of their professional work. The writers seem to have left school remarkably ignorant about basic biology, sex, and anatomy.”

Apparently, in the wake of the criticisms, Edinburgh Napier University made some hasty edits to the module to portray the teaching of how to administer care to female-to-male transgender patients who may become pregnant while having a surgically constructed neo-penis.

Even in this scenario, Dr. Bewley explained that biological women who undergo phalloplasty also cannot become pregnant due to other aspects of the procedure surrounding the construction of the neo-penis.

“A few [female-to-males] undergo genital surgery but, in general, those with a surgically created neo-penis simply cannot get pregnant either because they undergo a hysterectomy as a prelude.

These materials are the opposite of the high-quality training that patients need from midwives and doctors. The project may have arisen from compassion and enthusiasm, but it is worrying that the writers don’t seem to know, care about, or check facts.”

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