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RFK Jr. Lifts The Curtain On Tony Fauci And The Pharmaceutical Industry – The Corruption Runs Deep [VIDEO]

When it came to how the Biden administration and numerous government agencies like the CDC and the FDA reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic, they listened to none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci. Positioning himself at the forefront of the pandemic, Dr. Fauci vowed to continue working until the virus was stopped. Having been over two years since the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in the United States, the doctor and the Biden administration have promoted lockdowns, mask mandates, and even the highly controversial COVID-19 drug. Even now, the Biden administration is requiring vaccination status at the borders along with Canada and Mexico. While the White House might have Dr. Fauci, when it comes to examining the drug and data, the famous doctor might be outnumbered. 

The love and support for the COVID-19 drug isn’t shared by all experts as people like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA technology), and none other than Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have sought to dismantle the COVID-19 agenda. Discussing the research he has conducted on the COVID-19, as can be seen in the video below, RFK Jr. admitted, “You must have had a lot of time on your hands to read twice, because it’s, it’s a lot of work. And it’s also a lot of energy. But you guys, it’s depressing. And, you know, I tried to make it as interesting as possible and as engaging as possible, but you can’t help but be discouraged and disillusioned because we like to believe our elected officials and public officials are at some level looking out for public health and the welfare of our country.”

Breaking down the collaboration between Dr. Fauci, the FDA, and Pfizer, RFK Jr. said, “You can see the collusion between Pfizer and the FDA. Why in the world would the FDA ever give a license for this product? Because here’s a summary of what the data is. There were 22,000 people who got the vaccine and 22,000 people who got the placebo. They were supposed to have a five-year study.” He added, “what we now know is they intended to do a five-year study, which would be unblinded in 2024, but what they did instead, for some reason that it never been explained, is they unblinded the study after two months.”

Why exactly did the five-year study stop after only two months? According to RFK Jr., “We got a two-month study, to study a product that they’re going to give to 300 million Americans and billions of people around the world. Here’s what their own study showed, their summary data in August – there’s 22,000 people in the placebo group, 22,000 in the vaccine group. In the vaccine group, there was one person who died from COVID out of those 22,000. One person died from COVID in the vaccine group, and two people died from COVID in the placebo group.”

The lawyer concluded that the main reason for the study being ended was due to the simply fact that “two is greater than one.”