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RFK Jr. Upends The ‘Safe And Effective’ Narrative With Data From Pfizer’s Own Clinical Trial [VIDEO]

During the initial wave of COVID-19 in America, citizens were increasingly nervous about the virus that was being considered dangerous enough to be called a pandemic. At the same time, Americans were forced into lockdowns and told to wear masks, pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer were hard at work, trying to create a miracle vaccine that would protect, cure, and eradicate the virus from the Earth. While such ambition comes with years of dedication, Pfizer appeared to do it in record time. And to make it even better, the Biden administration freely promoted it for them. President Joe Biden also tried to force it on America’s workforce. But what is so startling about the COVID-19 drug is that the clinical trials weren’t not supposed to be concluded till 2023. 

Speaking on the COVID-19 agenda in the video below, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. not only explained how Pfizer controlled the trial, but how they purposely ruined it to hide their findings. “Pfizer was supposed to have a four year clinical trial, you remember that? It was supposed to go to 2023. Well, what happened? They ended the trial in six months. The FDA let them do it. Why, because the vaccine failed. They couldn’t keep doing the trial because they could not prove that it was efficacious. So they stopped it after six months. They unblinded it, and they gave the vaccine to the entire placebo group. What that means is we will never know what the long term difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated is. What are the long term injuries caused from this. We won’t ever know.”  

What exactly did they do with all that data they had collected? According to RFK Jr., “At the end of that time, Pfizer took all the data for that six months. Remember that roughly 22,000 people in the placebo group, and 22,000 in the vaccine group. They took that and they gave it to the FDA and the FDA gave them a license for one version of this vaccine. Here’s what it said. ‘The data show that during that six month period, there was one person from the vaccine group that died from COVID. There were two people in the placebo group who died from COVID.’ This allowed Pfizer to tell the FDA and the American people that the vaccine is 100% effective, because two is 100% greater than one.” 

The more Kennedy Jr. talked, the more outrageous the blatant cover up became as he concluded, “There were 20 people who died in the vaccine group over that 6-month period of the 22,000. There were 14 people who died in the placebo group. What that means, according to Pfizer’s own data, is that if you take the vaccine, you’re 48% more likely to die of all causes over the next 6 months. If you take the vaccine, you’re 500% more likely to have a heart attack that kills you over the next 6 months than if you didn’t take the vaccine. It also means that for every one life they save from COVID, they’re killing four people from the vaccine.”