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Safer To Wait Releases Several Videos That’ll Have Anyone Questioning The Official COVID Narratives [VIDEOS]

The group known as Safer to Wait recently dropped a number of videos online that can serve as a vital tool for parents who are wondering about whether the COVID shots are in the best interest of their children.

According to Safer to Wait’s website [1], the group’s mission statement says, “We all want to keep our children safe. When it comes to medical treatments, the benefits must outweigh the risks. We must not rush any decision that affects our children’s health – especially when that decision is irreversible.”

The website lists “10 reasons why, when it comes to Covid-19 vaccination for children, it’s safer to wait,” which are as follows:

While the aforementioned points do carry their share of nuance within each topic, the notions are essentially on-point, which happens to serve as what some might call “inconvenient facts” for those who ardently push the COVID shots for children.

In recent weeks, Safer Wait has been releasing videos that cement some of these concerns around the COVID shots, such as one video coming from their kids choir where a rendition of The Supremes’ “Stop in the Name of Love” is accompanied by images of news headlines detailing some of the discovered adverse reactions stemming from the COVID shots.

Another video released by Safer to Wait features a 10-year-old girl named Holly, who, throughout the video, is showing various cards highlighting some of the contradictions around the COVID shot narrative that has been pushed since their unveiling.

The message of the video is, of course, for people to again think about whether these shots are right for them and their families – which the song “Think” by Aretha Franklin playing in the video is clearly done for the sake of emphasizing this point.

But one video coming from Safer to Wait is of particular interest. It homes in on Pfizer in particular with a just over one-minute “Q&A for parents” containing some more of those inconvenient facts.

Such facts covered in the Q&A video detail how Pfizer stands as the company that has paid the largest fine in United States history over their mis-promoting of previous drugs and how the FDA fought to hide Pfizer’s COVID shots clinical trial data for over 75 years.