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School Crucifies Christ, God Wins: Anti-Christian Principal Takes Loss After Denying The Cross

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Today is Good Friday, the day where all Christians remember how Jesus Christ, God made flesh here on earth, died on a cross to save all of humanity from its sins. On Sunday, we will celebrate Easter, the feast of Christ’s resurrection. This is the most important Christian holiday, the most important day of the year, and it honors the most important moment in human history.

Yet at thousands of our schools, this all-important holiday isn’t even celebrated or commemorated at all. Some don’t give any days off at all. Others try to disguise it. They just call it “spring break,” like it’s just a coincidence. They don’t do that for other holidays.

In New York City’s public schools, they get a day off for Yom Kippur. They get a day off for Chinese New Year, and for the start of Ramadan. But for Good Friday, they just have a “spring recess.” This is deliberate. Our leaders want to push out Christianity, and replace it with anything else they can.

Leslie Larson is a mother who experienced this first-hand. The principal of her children’s school sent out an email that tried to “educate” everyone about Ramadan, the Muslim holy month. Here’s all the education you need, by the way: Ramadan was created by a false prophet who massacred his enemies and married a six-year-old girl. Bam, done. That’s all you need to know.

Anyway, in the same email where this principal is “Educating” about Ramadan, he refused to recognize Easter, the holiday far more children at the school observe, and, you know, the one that was created by God and not a pedophile.

Leslie sent the principal an email back, saying that in the name of “equity and inclusion” he ought to recognize Easter as well. He replied that he wouldn’t be bossed around by a single complaint from one parent.

So Leslie went and collected hundreds of parents to complain, and get the Easter email sent. We admire a backbone like that, and we’re happy to have Leslie Larson, who joins us now.

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