Remember when they told us that we should trust the data?

So about that…

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“Just to make it clear, the CDC doesn’t break it out by age cohort, but they give you the data to do it. My, my industry, my insurance industry expert did it. This has been verified by other actuary bills. And so these actuaries, I should say, so this is already been vetted. No one’s denying that this data isn’t real. So this is the chart. What does the chart say? It says that in a second year of a pandemic, with miracle vaccines, millennials experienced an 84% increase from the baseline into a new high in the fall of 2021. And you can see what I circled there in blue, is that spike up into the fall, August, September, October, what does that represent? That’s called the rate of change? So the argument against it being the VAX is, oh, we have more people dying from suicides and deaths of despair and drug overdose and people missing their cancer treatments? Well, because of the temporal rate of change into that event known as the mandates. That three-month window. I would argue anyone with anyone to suggest that everyone decided to commit suicide in that same three-month period, everyone decided to drug overdose in the same three months, and everyone decided to miss their cancer treatment screening and suddenly died. It makes no sense. The only thing that logically makes any sense to me as an analyst is it’s the vaccine. So that’s the hypothesis. Now they needed to do to disprove that no one’s done that, to my knowledge of any extent yet. So there it is. That’s 61,000 deaths from March of 2021 to February of 2022. In the millennial age group, which is the healthiest age group working age, new highs and excess deaths in year two of a miracle vaccine product. It makes no sense, does it? Well. 61,000 people represents the Vietnam War in one year, that the younger folks died over a ten-year period in the Vietnam War. So millennials experienced the Vietnam War, silent via Vietnam War in one year.” – Edward Dowd

It seems like everyone is waking up based on some of the comments we’ve seen online.

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Here are just a few of them…

“Agreed. So who is really responsible?
WE THE PEOPLE paid the price. The 10% on the left and 10% on the right don’t care about US. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can end it. They keep us divided on purpose. They know we outnumber them 4 to 1.”

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“This will make the Nuremberg Trials look like a fairy tale. I hope we ALL live to see it! Something has to be done NOW, this MUST stop, and all those involved must be held accountable to the max by law. This is murder, premeditated for a SATANIC Ideology of Transhumanism, mind control, NWO and WEF are just covers for this cultism slaughter.”

“Emergency ABUSE Authorization protects them while they continue with their NWO depopulation agenda.”

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