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Special Olympics BANS Pure Bloods: Vaccine-Injured Autistic Boy Kicked Out For Denying Covid Shot

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Christopher Lance is the father of a 16-year-old son, Rio. Rio suffers from autism, which Chrisopher believes was caused by the MMR vaccine he received at age 2.

Last year, Rio was hoping to compete in the Special Olympics in track and field. He trained hard and was very excited, and the family was led to believe that a Covid vaccine was not required to participate.
But the Special Olympics lied. In February, they told Christopher that unless he subjected his son to the Covid vaccine, he would be disqualified. Christopher is naturally furious about this. He’d submitted paperwork for both a religious and medical exemption, but both of those were ignored, and instead the Special Olympics Committee demanded that he produce a list of vaccine ingredients his son was allergic to. How would he even know, exactly? The vaccine label is basically a null; doctors won’t answer the question because they don’t know either. So that’s Chris’s situation: He can’t get his autistic son a medical exemption unless he finds out what he’s allergic to from a list of ingredients that nobody will give him, and he’s not allowed to get a religious exemption at all.
But then, to make this all even more repulsive, the Special Olympics Committee asked Christopher whether Rio had ever suffered “life-threatening effects” from ta vaccine. When Christopher pointed toward his son’s autism, which he has had ever since the MMR vaccine, they did not respond. Instead, he just got another notification that if Rio didn’t get the jab by March 25th, he was disqualified.
Well, now that day has come and gone. It’s sad and embarrassing and infuriating for Rio, who worked so hard for it and was looking forward to it. It’s sad and infuriating for his dad, and really, it should be sad and infuriating for absolutely all of us, because the Special Olympics did all of this on behalf of Pfizer and Moderna. They weren’t doing it on behalf of anyone’s health. Anybody healthy enough to compete in even the special olympics isn’t going to be at serious risk from Covid. These jabs don’t stop people from spreading the virus. They don’t stop the virus from mutating. But one thing the jabs might stop is a person’s heart, as we’ve seen with athletes and young people all around the globe.

Christopher Lance joins us.

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