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So, I got swatted last night. Somebody called the police, said they were Stew Peters, gave my home address, and claimed (while pretending to be me) that I was holding someone hostage and planning to shoot them.

The police responded by contacting negotiators and converging on my home and calling me outside. I could have easily been killed; my children could have easily been killed. And that was the exact purpose of this entire exercise. That’s why people do Swattings: They’re trying to get a person they don’t like killed by the police.

I am not the first person this has happened to. Someone Swatted podcaster Tim Pool in the middle of a show last January. Then they did it again a week later. So far this year, Pool has been swatted five separate times.

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Again, a more accurate way to describe this is “Tim Pool has been targeted for attempted murder five times this year.” I and my whole family were targeted for attempted murder today. That is the point of this. You don’t SWAT people to annoy them. It’s trying to get the police to kill someone for you. This has happened. In 2017, some idiots were arguing over a game of Call of Duty, so one of them tired to SWAT the other. He had the wrong address, though, so a totally unrelated person was gunned down by police. Two years later, the man’s niece whom he had raised, who who witnessed the shooting directly, committed suicide. In 2020, a man died of a heart attack from fright after he was swatted by people who wanted to intimidate him into handing over his Twitter handle, no joke. Someone died over a Twitter handle.

So yeah, somebody tried to kill me. We don’t know who did it yet. I’m not expecting the police to achieve much; I’m just waiting for them to tell me that the number was “not traceable” and they’ll be magically “out of leads.” B.S., of course. For 18 years my job was to track people who used unknown numbers and burner cell phones. The technology and resources are available to catch these people. But to do that, the authorities would have to care as much about stopping attempted murder as they care about hunting down people who stood on the Capitol steps for a few minutes on January 6. We know how it really is.

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And even if we don’t know who did it, we know why they did it. It’s because of what we say on this program. On this program, we aren’t intimidated from saying exactly what’s going on in America and who is responsible.

And I’ll be clear about something: I will not be intimidated. I know the best lawyers and investigators in this country and we’re going to do everything we can to get this scumbag’s identity and hold him accountable. But just as importantly, we’re not changing anything about this show because some psychopath thinks it’s worth killing us to stop it.

This regime that we live under is built on lies: Lies about Covid, lies about the border, lies about our wars overseas, lies about police “racism,” lies about what it means to be male and female. A system built on so many lies cannot survive unless it suppresses the truth. So that’s what they do. They ban the truth from Twitter. They concoct excuses to send truth-tellers to prison. And if they have to, they try and stop the truth by killing it.

So speaking of keeping the system propped up with lies, we’re watching the unfolding drama with Congressman Madison Cawthorn, who a few days ago started to expose the toxic network of drugs, sex, and blackmail at the heart of D.C. Now, Kevin McCarthy is going around trying to do damage control; “Oh, he didn’t really see people doing cocaine, he thought he maybe saw a staffer in a parking garage do something a whole football field away and oh he also doesn’t really know what cocaine looks like.”

Does McCarthy expect us to believe that? That’s not what Cawthron said, and he wasn’t vague about it. So either Cawthorn was just completely lying, in which case he should resign right now for abusing our trust, or he should ignore McCarthy right now and start naming names. And we won’t be surprised if one of those names is Kevin McCarthy himself. There have always been mountains of rumors in D.C. about McCarthy’s affairs, so why wouldn’t he be involved in drugs and even worse depravity as well? It would certainly explain how he got to the top of the Republican party despite otherwise being a spineless, useless coward that nobody likes.

Maybe that’s the deal he made. McCarthy does the bidding of big pharma and big business, he ignores the border and the opioid epidemic and the Pfizer fraud, and he keeps the rest of the GOP in line, and in return they cover up for him and let him become a powerful person when he’s otherwise completely worthless. Let’s say a brief prayer right now to give Madison Cawthorn the courage to say what’s really going on. I think it’d be fascinating to learn.

Roger Stone also knows what it’s like to be targeted for saying the wrong things. He basically got swatted on national TV when the FBI went to his house before dawn with CNN in tow to arrest him over absolutely nothing.

He joins us now.

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