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Stew Peters’ Home Gets ‘SWATTED’ As Part Of A Dangerous Hostage ‘Prank’

MINNESOTA – On Monday, April 4, Stew Peters’ private home was “SWATTED” thanks to a dangerous “prank” call.

Peters announced on Telegram that an unknown person called the police impersonating him on Monday night, giving his home address. The criminal prank caller said that he was holding a hostage and planned to shoot them.

“I am PISSED,” Peters said.

Red Voice Media has reported in the past on incidents of “SWATTING,” something that happened twice [1] to Tim Poole, host of “Timcast IRL,” in the less than two weeks [2]. Peters acknowledged that this type of thing has happened to “many conservative show hosts in order to have their homes raided, their privacy violated, and to put their lives at risk.”

Peters’ children were in the home when police arrived. Luckily, everyone inside the home complied with police orders and no one was hurt. But that doesn’t mean that his children won’t be traumatized from the event.

“Let me make something VERY clear,” Peters said, “I will NOT be intimidated. I have the best lawyers and investigators in the country working to subpoena the Minnesota Police Department for the suspect’s information who made the call that resulted in a potentially dangerous police-involved situation, risking the lives of my kids.

“This is how people get killed, and it ends now. We won’t stop until this stops.”

Not that conservatives would pull this kind of dangerous, stupid stunt, but if they did this to a liberal, the public outcry and backlash would be insane.

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