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The Alarming Number Of Side Effects And Soaring Cancer Cases – Dr. Robert Malone [VIDEO]

On March 30th, the Biden administration announced that they were launching a COVID.gov website that would be a place for people to learn and stay current with the news circulating the coronavirus. Just in the past few weeks, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for over $40 billion in additional COVID-19 aid. On top of that, the FDA decided to grant approval for Pfizer to start administering yet another booster to people 50 years of age or older. While the site is full of information approved by the Biden administration, it also provides masks, treatments, and tests for Americans. But while the Democrats are still charging ahead with their COVID-19 narrative, speaking with Tucker Carlson, Dr. Robert Malone presented some startling data about their agenda. 

In the video below, Dr. Malone, who invented the mRNA technology, admitted, “The one that’s popping up now is just stunning to me, is this whistleblower release of information from the DoD database, the DMSS database.” He added, “This is the data that describe the adverse events in the Department of Defense. So this is the defense epidemiologic surveillance system and the whistleblower.”

The doctor also explained exactly what the data was showing. “Massive increases in 2021, relative to 2020, and preceding years have multiple hundreds of percent up to 1,000% in a variety of adverse events, which is to say diseases that are suspected of being associated with the vaccine administration.”

While side effects can be anything, Dr. Malone was sure to note “cancer, heart attack, stroke, and infertility.” He said, “It is stunning to me. I take no pleasure in finding that the things that I’ve been raising alarms about are those things that are popping up in this signal. Ryan Cole has been observing increased incidents of cancers and odd behaviors of cancers to get into the nuance of cells replicating at a much higher level in a field of cancer cells than they would normally be seen in that type of cancer. And, and he’s been observing this but it’s all anecdotal.” 

Wanting his own opinion, Carlson asked, “Since you are one of the people in the country who understands how these vaccines work. Do you think it’s plausible that they increase the risk of cancer?”

Even before the host finished his question, Dr. Malone answered simply, “Yes.”

During a separate interview, the doctor spoke on the numerous protests moving around the world, demanding the COVID-19 agenda be stopped. He was thrilled that the protesters have been peaceful. “I’m reminded that… [it was] predicted that this was what we were going to see, this violent backlash, and I’m so grateful that the truckers have heard the message and incorporated that we need to not be violent in response. They are pulling Gandhi 2.0.”