From COVID-19 to world hunger, the World Economic Forum has positioned itself as the organization to help lead humanity into the future. Hoping to solve some of the planet’s most difficult problems, WEF has exposed itself to the public, giving them a glimpse into the future, no matter how shocking it may be. Not only has its founder, billionaire Klaus Schwab discussed a time where humans and machines will be one, but key member, Yuval Noah Harari, has made some rather interesting statements over the past few months about machines being able to detect homosexuality to the Holy Bible being nothing more than Fake News. 

That’s right, in the 2017 video, which is featured below, Harari admitted that the Bible, which is considered to be God’s spoken word, is fake. “I mean, there is nothing that Joseph Goebbels didn’t know about all this idea of fake news. And in post-truth, he famously says that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will think it’s the truth. And the bigger the lie, the better. Because people won’t even think that something so big can be alive, and I think that fake news has been with us for 1000s of years. Just think of the Bible.”

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Harari added, “One option that some people talk about is that only a catastrophe can shake humankind and open the path to a real system of global governance. And they say that we can’t do it before the catastrophic event, but we need to start laying the foundations so that when the disaster strikes, we can react quickly.”

As mentioned above, dissecting the Bible isn’t all Harari has discussed. Speaking on homosexuality, he suggested, “To give an example, when I was 21, I finally realized that I was gay after living several years in denial. And this is not exceptional. A lot of gay men live in denial for many years. They don’t know something very important about themselves. Now, imagine a situation in 10 or 20 years when an algorithm can tell any teenager exactly where he or she is on the gay-straight spectrum. And even how malleable this position is.”

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He also explained how it works for those who might not believe Harari’s words. “As you surf the internet, as you watch videos, or check your social feed, the algorithms will be monitoring your eye movements, your blood pressure, your brain activity, and they will know, they could tell Coca-Cola, that if you want to sell this person some fuzzy, sugary drink, don’t use the advertisement with the shirtless girl, use the advertisement with the shirtless guy. You wouldn’t even know that this was happening. But they will know. And this information will be worth billions.”

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