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The Death Count From The COVID Jab “Is Worse Than A War” – Dr. Peter McCullough [VIDEO]

Along with all the COVID-19 promotions surrounding getting the jab and the importance of lockdowns, wearing a mask, and social distance, Dr. Peter McCullough recently admitted that the government and big pharma are purposely hiding the true death toll of their supposed miracle drug. Not only are they hiding the side effects and number of deaths related to the COVID-19 jab, but the doctor declared that the real number is worse than most wars. 

In the video, which is featured below, Dr. McCullough stated, “I can tell you looking at this VAERS report with 12,000 Americans who have died voluntarily after taking an injection, the COVID-19 vaccine is worse than a war. It’s worse than most wars. Now for the vaccine adverse event reporting system, 86% of the time the report is made by a doctor, a nurse, or a healthcare professional who thinks the vaccine caused the problem. 14% of the time, it’s by the patient themselves, or someone else on their behalf. The forms are filled out under the threat of imprisonment or federal fines if they’re falsified. So everything up on this red board is airtight.”

Explaining how the process works, the doctor added, “When I report a case of myocarditis, or death, and CDC calls may check I’ve done it’s why No. So these are real people who have lost their lives. Now, the estimates are that this is underreported, you can imagine so many people die. Nobody knows that they took the vaccine, and unless you have the vaccine card, and you enter their lot number correctly, the lot numbers by the way, are hand written on cards. So if we enter the lot number incorrectly or don’t have the vaccine card, there’s no report. So we know from other sources of data that this is underreported by a factor of five or potentially a factor of 20.”

Not just using VAERS to showcase the numbers, but Dr. McCullough noted another study where the total deaths could be nearing 200,000. “They concluded that the upper bound of a confidence interval for death could be as high as 187,000 Americans losing their life after vaccination. It could be that bad. Think about the swine flu, where we shut it down. Gerald Ford shut it down at 25. These numbers are out of sight. No wonder people are walking off the job. But people know this is happening. People know it is too big to not have come out. It’s too big to conceal. People know this is going on. You know, in the middle of 2021, there was an informal internet survey where the question popped up and said, ‘Do you know somebody in your circles, your family circles, or church circles who died shortly after the COVID-19 vaccine?’ The answer was 12%. I can tell you that number is much higher.”