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The Federal Government Infiltrated Churches To Spread COVID & Jab Mandate Propaganda To Christians [VIDEOS]

A recent report from Megan Basham took a deep dive into how the Biden administration went so far as to tap into “evangelical leaders” to promulgate the preferred COVID narrative.

The situation is as disturbing as it is ironic – in that the Biden administration literally used religious leaders to help foment a religious-like obedience of all things COVID.

In a video narrated by Basham, a clip showcased a Zoom conference between Rick Warren, a.k.a. “Pastor Rick” who is the founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church, speaking with Biden’s appointed science advisor Francis Collins, where Warren claimed that the Bible essentially instructs us to “wear a mask.”

“You can summarize the whole Bible in two sentences: Love God. And love your neighbors yourself. That’s it, it’s all about love. And right now, the most practical way I can show love for my neighbor is wear a mask.”

Basham claimed that this approach was all part of the Biden administration’s effort to “spread COVID propaganda,” remarking on the controversial circumstances of Collins’ appointment by Biden as “the nation’s new, top science advisor,” who bears concerning connections to Fauci’s effort to shape the COVID narrative.

“On February 17th, the Biden administration officially named former National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins as the nation’s new top science advisor. The appointment came despite the fact that Collins has been under fire since leaked emails suggested he and Anthony Fauci colluded to suppress evidence that COVID originated in Wuhan lab. It’s an issue still undergoing lots of research and debate in the scientific community.

“Yet in one of the emails, Collins suggests using media connections to try to discredit other medical experts who believe the virus may not have developed naturally. In another, he asks Fauci about news coverage of the lab leak theory and wonders if there’s a way to use the media to, quote, ‘help put down this very destructive conspiracy.’”

But what Basham noted, which is a topic that has been largely missed regarding the promulgating of the COVID narrative by and Fauci and others, is how the federal government conspired to infiltrate one of the most sacred institutions to push their narrative – the churches.

“But Collins and Fauci didn’t just rely on the mainstream media to get their messages out to the public. There’s also evidence that Collins specifically tapped into his friendships with numerous high profile pastors and church leaders to further spread the government’s COVID narratives.

“These weren’t just messages about getting vaccinated, but also arguing for government vaccine mandates. Collins also use the platforms of his church leader friends, to urge pastors to teach their congregations that if they wanted to obey Jesus’s command to love their neighbors, then they must comply with government mandates on keeping churches closed, and businesses closed and keeping children masked.”

It should be noted that Warren has been welcomed as a speaker to the World Economic Forum [1] in Davos.

The full video on this bombshell report can be viewed below.