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‘They Fear Us’ – The People Can Shape The Future If They Choose To Fight Back – Lara Logan [VIDEO]

Looking back on the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears that the American people suffered as the federal government helped pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer make billions in profits. At the same time, the Biden administration sought to strip people of their medical freedom by trying to make the supposed miracle drug mandatory for America’s workforce. While that agenda backfired, what has spawned from the COVID-19 hysteria surrounded the idea of what the future might look like. For those like Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, it included a much smaller population with humans and machines merged into one.

But although the Biden administration pushed the COVID-19 drug and the WEF wants machines to navigate the future, one obstacle stands in their way.

Discussing the wave of propaganda and government overreach that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, former Fox News journalist Lara Logan said, “I’m doing that because we can either be, believe the propaganda, and be geographically isolated from each other and into our own homes, and submit. Or we can get out there and find out what is real and what is not real. And this is a defining moment in our history. You heard all of those people talking about the opportunity for a revolution bigger than the industrial revolution. So you can look at that and say, ‘Wow, this is so much bigger than me. I surrender.’ Or you can say to yourself, ‘Wow, we also have that opportunity. We also have that chance to define what the future looks like.’ And one of the ladies in your video, I love that woman, she talked about the rage of mama bears. That’s what they fear.”

While Logan, in the video above, called for people to stand up against their governments stealing their freedoms, in China, citizens of Shanghai have been forced into lockdowns yet again without any way to provide for themselves. Videos have flooded the internet of citizens enraged by the new lockdowns and even some resorting to fishing [1] in public ponds for food. 

Users online had an interesting take on the China situation, with one suggesting, “I think China wants us to see what’s happening. They control the people and have blocked the internet and phone services in the past. They want us to see these clips to play on our emotions. They have some kind of plan.”

Back in America, the Democrats have continuously pushed for billions in more spending to fight COVID-19. Although seeing the virus as a threat to humanity, the Biden administration is eagerly awaiting for the Title 42 policy to end at the Southern border. The policy gave border agents the power to turn away illegal immigrants due to the country being in a public health emergency (COVID-19). But as mentioned above, the Democrats were already able to reach a deal of an additional $10 billion in COVID-19 aid. 

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