NASHVILLE, TN – According to reports, political commentator Tim Pool was put into a position where he had to cancel a planned Nashville appearance due to a “credible death threat” that was issued against him.

For those who are familiar with Pool they’re likely well aware of him referring to himself as a “disaffected liberal” – meaning that the mainstream Left has managed to shift the Overton window so far to the extreme fringes of the political ideology that moderates and classic liberals have been inadvertently alienated by the keyholders of the party they once identified with.

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As such, Pool has managed to conjure an alarming amount of directed ire toward him from the fringes of the political Left – having not only been “swatted” once but twice within a period of two weeks this past January.

For clarification, being “swatted” entails a person or persons knowingly making a false 911 call directed at a target’s address that would warrant an armed and often aggressive/hostile police response (i.e., a potential hostage situation). The general purpose of a “swatting” is, at a minimum, to invoke terror on the target – but it’s common knowledge that the results can be deadly for the target.

Needless to say, the amalgamation of past incidents meant to target Pool demonstrates that there is a deranged sect of people intent on either seeing the political commentator scared to speak freely or just outright killed.

And this latest incident aimed at Pool certainly suggests that the latter seems to be the case.

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Pool had apparently been planning to host an appearance in Nashville, Tennessee, at country music star John Rich’s RedNeck Riviera Bar & BBQ, where the event would’ve been a hodgepodge of his trademark political commentary as well as a performance of Pool’s musical stylings.

Yet, come April 16th, Pool announced that he had to cancel the planned appearance based upon “a credible death threat” that he’d received in the lead-up to the scheduled event.

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“Bad News. Due to a credible death threat against me, our show at Red Neck Riviera has been canceled. I said fuck ’em, but I was warned other people could get hurt, and we can’t risk other people’s safety.”

Pool added in a follow-up post to Twitter, “The threat was compounded by intel suggesting an attempt was actually being made.”

John Rich responded to Pool’s post, saying, “I hate this, but downtown Nashville on a Saturday is absolutely packed. The safety of the people comes first.”

While potential calamity was avoided in this instance, this latest incident is further evidence that the extremist Left is far from being tolerant of opposing viewpoints – so much so that someone who is merely left-of-center in the realm of various policies is simply too “far-right” for them and that their fringe base will quite literally make attempts on their life to silence them.

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