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TX Baby Stolen In Name Of “Racism” FMR Marine & Wife Stripped Of Baby For Refusing Vaxx

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Jason “Storm” Nelson is a former Marine and member of the anti-forced vaccine resistance. In fact, he left the Marines after a 20-year career because they insisted he take the vax if he wanted to stay. He recently made a primary challenge to Pete Sessions for U.S. Congress. Sadly, he lost, but his enemies are not satisfied letting things stop there.

Jason’s fourth child, Tempest, was born last Tuesday. She was slightly premature at thirty-six weeks, but otherwise she and her mother were fine. But on Monday, hospital employees suddenly claimed Tempest had tested positive for marijuana and began trying to take her away. They forced Jason’s wife Amanda to stop caring for Tempest and put her on formula instead. They say they have to keep her for five days. Besides the formula, they aren’t doing any kind of intervention. They aren’t doing any special treatment for Tempest. There isn’t anything they can do, because in fact, Jason and his wife don’t do marijuana. All the hospital would have to do to prove that is test both of them, but Jason says they’re not doing that.

Jason has his own suspicions about what is going on. Hospital employees wanted to vaccinate Tempest right after her birth. Jason refused, he says two of his other children are already vaccine-injured and he’s not eager to add a third. But the hospital wouldn’t give up. They asked him five separate times to stick his daughter with the Hepatitis B needle, to vaccinate a disease that only drug addicts and prostitutes get. Because Jason kept refusing, so now conveniently the hospital says he has a druggie baby and has taken her away. They aren’t letting Jason see the baby, and they aren’t letting his wife see or care for the baby either.

When Jason and his wife protested, he says the hospital employees called them racist. Funny how that always works out. Racism is always just the opposite of whatever the left is obsessed with right now.

Jason’s wife is understandably devastated right now. Jason began chronicling all of this on Twitter early Wednesday morning. Quote: “I have never felt more incapable as a man than I did Monday, watching my wife sob relentlessly. I am heartbroken & frankly, in shock. … Her depression is dangerous, and this is the direct result of malpractice on the hospital’s part. … I’m focused on Tempest’s health, but my wife’s health suffers greatly. My wife is weeping at home, because they reported us to Child Protective Services. A screening we set up on our own this morning cleared her, but now she is too anxiety ridden to come here. I don’t know what to do. I’m not leaving her side. We are terrified they are going to try and take her.

So far, Jason hasn’t named the hospital where this atrocity is taking place. But we hope he’s ready to change his mind. Because these hospitals should be named, shamed, and if necessary sued into oblivion. That’s why we’ve told the world about Mercy-less hospital in Coon Rapids Minnesota, and about all the “Vaccinate or die” ghouls at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Ever since Covid kicked off, it’s been obvious that there’s a subset of doctors who think they deserve to be God. They deserve to control the lives of everyone around them, and if people don’t obey then they deserve to die. We will never stop fighting to expose these monsters for what they are.

Jason Nelson joins us.

Nelson needs our help to make sure his family’s voices are heard!
Call Baylor Scott & White Medical Center NOW, and demand they free Tempest Nelson!
(254) 202-2000

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