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Where Is The Outrage Over COVID Vaccine Deaths? – Dr. Peter McCullough [VIDEO]

While the Biden administration and Dr. Anthony Fauci have promoted the COVID-19 drug for over the last 16 months, during that same time, experts like Doctor Peter McCullough have been doing everything in their power to educate America and the world about the dangers and side effects of the supposed miracle drug. Unlike Dr. Fauci, Dr. McCullough has been de-platformed and censored for his stance, which he backs with facts and data. But as the COVID-19 agenda continues to push forward with more boosters and mask mandate appeals, Dr. McCullough recently admitted what really confused him. 

In the video below, the doctor wasn’t amazed by the push by governments to get the COVID-19 jab in as many people as possible. What shocked him was how many people died after the “vaccine” and how their families appeared to accept it. 

Dr. McCullough stated, “When people die after the vaccine, there is an astonishing lack of outrage by the surviving family members. This is very important. Young person after young person died tragically after the vaccine without any signs of concern or outrage by family members. This is a sign of what we call mass psychosis. This means that people are in the formation. It’s almost like a zombie-like state where they are emotionally inert to the loss of a family member because it happened at the end of a hypodermic needle with a COVID 19 vaccine.” 

Again, witnessing the mass psychosis that is taking place in America, Dr. McCullough added, “There is a shroud of shame, of guilt, of remorse, and a distorted notion that this was done for someone else – for public safety for the overall benefits of society. I can tell you, Ted, this is disturbing. When a child dies of cancer, the family members start a funding campaign to help fund cancer research. When a child dies of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the families help spawn screening programs for these precipitants of sudden death, but here with COVID-19 vaccination, almost a uniform absence of family outrage over the loss of their loved one.”

Although the Biden administration has promoted the COVID-19 drug, health departments in all states have found that millions of doses are going to waste due to people not getting the jab. Director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program, C. Buddy Creech,  “It is a tremendous loss of opportunity for these vaccines to not make it into the shoulders of those who need them. Not only is it a financial loss for the purchaser of vaccines — the U.S. government — but also a significant health loss for those who are not yet protected from COVID and its complications.”