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2000 Mules: Arizona Arrests? ‘Rampant Illegality – Larger Organization Needs Unraveling’ – Dinesh D’Souza [VIDEO]

The sheriff in Yuma from Yuma, Arizona, has opened up an investigation after watching Dinesh D’Souza’s groundbreaking election fraud documentary 2000 Mules [1] which was based on True The Vote’s research/

Dinesh joined Jason Whitlock on his show Fearless to discuss.


Jason Whitlock: Do you think at some point, there will be a legitimate investigation into the election fraud that clearly did occur in the 2020 election? Do you think this thing has legs? Or will this conversation, midterms will, happen? And maybe if that goes well, for Republicans, they just dropped this issue?

Dinesh D’Souza: No, this is what I think is going on. There’s an investigation based upon True The Votes research going on in Georgia right now. But I’m a little suspicious of it because it’s being run by Secretary of State Raffensperger, who has been kind of on all sides of the fence on this. And it’s going to be very difficult for him to admit I was the sheriff, and the big heist was going on right under my nose. I didn’t even know anything about it. So I don’t know if he’s advancing the investigation or sort of blocking it. I can’t tell. The sheriff of Yuma saw the movie, went berserk, and it’s opened up an investigation in Yuma, Arizona, and I believe there will be arrests fairly soon. By the way, the mule that I interviewed in the movie, Greg Phillips interviewed in the movie is from Yuma, Arizona. And that would be a very important step forward, because see, through the vote has the cell phone IDs of these mules but doesn’t have their names. Only law enforcement can get their names. And the way they do it is they just get a warrant. They go to the cell phone providers, who then give them their names. And then they interview the mules. Who paid you? Who put you up to it? Who organized this operation? So that’s the logical next step. There are people who come up to me, and they go, Well, is the Supreme Court going to watch your movie? And no, the Supreme Court is not going, it doesn’t work like that. There needs to be an investigation. People need to be arrested. A larger organization of this needs to be unraveled, and then the next steps of action can be taken because I’m pretty sure this goes pretty high up the totem pole. I don’t think this is something that some low-level nonprofits in the states organized on their own. It’s organized in five separate states and almost an identical way.

Jason Whitlock: Dinesh, I just want you to be crystal clear here and maybe tell us why. But I think you said you think there will be a rest in Arizona sooner than later. Am I right on that? And why do you think that?

Dinesh D’Souza: Because we are talking about rampant illegality on two separate levels. The first one is the mules. In no state is it legal to pay anybody to deliver a ballot. And so, even though a state might say Georgia, for example, you can give your ballot to a family member. If you’re in a nursing home, you can give it to a caregiver, you drop it off. But you can turn over your votes to these nonprofit organizations to hire mules to go drop them off in the middle of the night. That’s illegal in every state. Number two. Nonprofit organizations, especially the so-called 501c3s, are strictly forbidden by law from engaging in any kind of partisan electioneering for any candidate or any party in any way. And so if these left-wing nonprofits deeply embedded in the inner city are collecting votes or manufacturing votes and hiring mules to deliver them to put Joe Biden, that’s a serious violation of the IRS rules. So, put it again, if you switch the two parties, if this was this had been done by Republicans, Merrick Garland’s DOJ would be conducting FBI raids on all these 501c3s right now. Grabbing their computers, grabbing their files, and pursuing an in-depth investigation to find out how it is that 501c3 organizations taking tax-free money are involved in partisan electioneering in this way.

It’s abundantly clear what happened to anyone who watched 2000 Mules that the 2020 election [1] was stolen via organized crime.

Just take a look at some of the comments surrounding this video…

“As they should be, if they can arrest two gang members for the murder of a child from the data and information and schematics, then there shouldn’t be any question as to if but when will they start arresting these people for election tampering, fraud, racketeering, and treason.”

“That’s what it will take, local authorities making arrests by the dozens. We know that no federal agencies and only a handful of state agencies will act.”

“And they taught they could get away with stealing our country. Haha, fools, it’s gonna cost you your life. Heads up it’s time to swing. War crimes.”

“There had better be arrests.”

“We want to know who these 501c3 agencies are. We may be donating to them or even volunteering for them, and if so, that must stop.. let us know as soon as possible.