The reviews are coming in over this narrative obliterating documentary film from acclaimed director Dinesh D’Souza.

Below is Dan Ball’s take on it and at the bottom of this article is a link that will show you how to watch this groundbreaking piece.

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“We begin tonight’s program with the dirty Democrats and their big lie. And by that, I mean, how they cheated their way into the White House. That’s what I mean. Last night, I was invited to Mar A Lago by the D’Souza family to watch their new documentary film 2000 Mules. Let me tell you, folks, what I saw in this movie is mind-blowing. We’re talking about proof here. We’re talking about facts that you can’t dispute. We’re talking geo-tracking phone evidence, you know, they do it to us all the time, right with all the apps that we have. And then also video proof, state-run cameras–video proof of ballot harvesting and voter fraud at all those ballot boxes they threw around the country so quick, during COVID. Remember that? After watching this movie, I will say this, there’s not one doubt in my mind that this election was rigged period, point blank, end of story, the left can kiss my… Yes. What they did to this country is one of the biggest acts of treason in our nation’s history. Is that my opinion? Yes. But I’m basing my opinion on the factual proof in the film. That’s how I’m basing it. That’s why I firmly believe every single American, Left, Right, independent libertarian indifferent. You don’t pay attention to politics, I don’t care. Watch this movie and then get back to me and tell me who’s telling the big lie. Democrats or Republicans?” – Dan Ball

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Dan didn’t pull any punches here at all.

Now the question that remains is how do we get everyone else to watch it? Not only the people who already know the ‘Big Lie’ wasn’t that the election was stolen but actually was stolen. We need the people who have questions but haven’t yet reached a conclusion to see this.

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Anyways, here are a few comments from around the internet regarding the video clip of Dan Ball above…

“Just wondering how much more proof they need to overturn the stolen election and prosecute those who overthrew the presidential election.”

“Any arrests or suicides connected to this film as yet?”

“And he is right. Take them all to prison.”

“The dam is breaking, the flood of information that they wanted to be suppressed is coming out. It’s only a matter of time before they get washed away in it.”

“Where are the Republican politicians on this theft. Crickets, cowards.”

“We need arrests! Biden voters won’t watch this but they’ll take notice when they see big names go to prison.”

“The shame of it all they still won’t believe after watching it. They hate President Trump so much they are willing to ruin our country and ruin our children and grandchildren’s lives. They are our future if they have a future.”

“Problem is… how do we get mainstream media to promote this movie? How do we get the liberals who still believe the election was fair to watch? Or even ones that are kinda on the fence? If only the people who are already certain the election was rigged watch… this still gets us nowhere.”

“Decertification and prosecution of the treasonous traitors is the only justice.”

How To Watch Dinesh D’Souza’s Explosive New Election Fraud Film ‘2000 Mules’

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