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Georgia’s primary election is next week. But according to some people, you shouldn’t even bother to vote, because the race is already over.

A local Georgia news outlet, W-S-B, accidentally published supposed election results early. They showed incumbent Brian Kemp winning with 161,000 votes, beating David Perdue by sixteen thousand. The same results, meanwhile, show Kandiss Taylor getting just five percent of the vote.

Let’s be clear: These results are fake. They are fabricated. They are a tactic to demoralize voters so they don’t show up at all.

Here’s the truth. Even the most high-profile primary elections have much lower turnout than the general election. In Georgia’s last governors race four years ago, six hundred and seven thousand people voted in the Republican primary. But in the actual election, Brian Kemp got close to two million votes.

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Primary turnout is less than one third of final turnout. That means that the primary goes to the candidate whose supporters are the most passionate, the most committed, the most fired up. They’re counting on you being demoralized and not even bothering to show up. They’re counting on you not paying attention. That’s why they kept Kandiss out of the debates for as long as possible. They didn’t want her getting attention and firing people up.

As long as people are bored and demoralized, the Republican establishment assumes they can have their way. Then, next fall, they assume you’ll turn out for them anyway, because you’d rather have even a crappy Republican like Brian Kemp over Governor Stacey Abrams.

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Don’t fall for their B-S. The first step toward winning is believing you can win. The second step is actually turning out and voting.

But we aren’t just telling you that from a distance. We’re stepping up ourselves. That’s why next Sunday, Lauren and I will both be attending Kandiss Taylor’s big pre-election rally at 11 am in Forsyth, Georgia, just outside Macon.

Brian Kemp failed. David Perdue bailed. We’re turning out with Kandiss to turn the tide and take back Georgia. We hope to see a lot of you there.

But in addition to that, Kandiss Taylor joins us right now.

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