On Saturday, the Tops Friendly Markets in Buffalo, New York, was the scene of a heinous act as 18-year-old Payton Gendron casually walked into the supermarket, wearing tactical gear and fashioned with an assault rifle. Live streaming the shooting, Gendron unloaded his rifle, killing ten people. Arriving on the scene, the police watched as the shooter, who was described as a white male, attempted to kill himself. The police were able to persuade the man and ultimately took him into custody. Quickly, details started to surface, revealing that 11 of the 13 people shot were black. On top of that, an Alleged Buffalo Shooter Manifesto was found from the shooter detailing several racist stances before he traveled over 150 miles to target a grocery story that CNN wrote was in “a predominantly Black neighborhood.”

While the mainstream media have seized the massacre to continue to push a narrative of white supremacy raging throughout America, in the video below, InfoWars host Alex Jones detailed how a mass shooting would be orchestrated to escalate the growing tensions in the country. “So what are they gonna do? They’re gonna attack a minority church or college or grocery store for some type of minority gathering. And they’re either going to completely false flagging to do it 100% themselves, or they’re going to find mentally ill…white supremacist types who really will be devil worshippers, whacked out of their minds on prescription and illegal drugs. It will be a two or three-man idiot squad that will go in and start shooting black people at a church. Then there’ll be a backup team that will kill them, claiming they committed suicide, who will then actually kill a couple 100 Black people.”

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What makes the claims from Jones so interesting are the dates that are shown at the bottom. The shooting in Buffalo happened on Saturday, but the host explained the mass shooting plans in 2021. And it wasn’t just once, Jones admitted, “Let me tell you, the deep state is coming, and it’s gonna be the whole collapse of society, and you’re gonna be bad because you are a Republican voter, period. That’s how they intend to do this is to connect the Republican Party to white supremacism and the Second Amendment to it. That’s how they plan to overturn it.” 

And if that wasn’t enough, again, in 2021, Jones stated, “They are planning, in my view, false flag terror attacks here in America to submit their rollout against this massive white supremacy attack they stage.” He added, “So everybody thinking that we’re going to defeat the Democrats and that everything is okay. This is all pre-scripted. This is all pre-planned. And they are planning massive terror attacks, mass shootings, bombings of federal buildings right now, to blame the Tea Party, to blame Trump supporters, to blame you. I know that as their evil plan unfolds, more people will wake up by necessity and realize that we must stop complying with this new world order. It’s designed to get us to carry out violence, and they think they can win if they know intellectually long term they’re gonna lose. You know, Democrats were calling for violence right now. We’re calling for peace.” 

Throw another dollar in the Alex Jones was right jar…

Buffalo Mass Shooter Wasn’t A Lone Gunman, He Had Back Up – Washington Post Editor On MSNBC [VIDEO]

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