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There is an America First uprising going on in the state of Pennsylvania. In the Senate, President Trump sadly gave his endorsement to Dr. Oz, who is a Turkish Muslim that pushes chemical castrations  and likes hanging out with satanic “spirit cooking” guru Marina Abramovic.

Dr. Oz says he supports red flag laws, where the government can just declare you a “threat” and seize your guns, without even being charged with a crime, let alone convicted. He promoted a ban on all semi-automatic weapons, which includes almost every handgun in the country, plus millions of rifles and shotguns too. He even endorsed a New Zealand-style gun confiscation program.

In 2008, Oz explicitly said “I’m not a social conservative.” He endorsed pro-gay policies and said we shouldn’t regulate abortion. Back in the day, he condemned fracking. In December 2020, he called masking a “sign of love.”

Much like his idol Oprah, he looks and sounds exactly like a celebrity who is just saying whatever they have to in the pursuit of power.

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Why did Donald Trump endorse him? Well, you don’t need us to remind you that a lot of his endorsements over the years have been terrible. He gave his backing to Vernon Jones in Georgia. He picked Liz Cheney’s old friend to succeed her in Wyoming. According to a source who spoke to this program, that endorsement was basically sold by the president’s allies, who planned to cash in on helping her campaign. Did that happen here? Dr. Oz could certainly afford to buy an endorsement. Or maybe this one is on President Trump himself, being too impressed with another television celebrity like himself. We can’t say.

What we can say is that this endorsement was a joke, because there is a great America-first alternative in the race right now, in Kathy Barnette. We know Kathy is a real pro-lifer, because her whole life is a testament to why our cause is right. Kathy was conceived in rape, but her mother chose to raise her anyway, and she’s had an incredible life.

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We’re pulling for Kathy next week. But she is not the only candidate who needs our support in Pennsylvania. There are nine different people running in the Republican primary for Lt. Governor. One of those nine is Teddy Daniels. Teddy has fifteen years experience as a police officer and also served in Afghanistan, where he credits God with saving his life.

Teddy has been under constant fire throughout his campaign, because the establishment is terrified he might actually win. He’s been Swatted. Rolling Stone magazine has targeted him. They’ve trashed him for being outside the Capitol on January 6, but he’s never given in. He hasn’t begged for forgiveness. He’s standing firm and refusing to concede an inch.

Teddy Daniels joins us.

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