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The Catholic Church believes that Jesus Christ named Saint Peter as the leader of the church on earth after his ascension. It believes Peter was the first Bishop of Rome, and that future bishops of Rome inherited his role as leader of the church.

Historically, 266 men are recognized as popes, but that is not the number of men who have claimed that title. Throughout history, there have been many cases where two or even three men at the same time all claimed to be the real pope. These rival popes are known today as “anti-popes.” There hasn’t been an anti-pope in close to six hundred years. But now, some Catholics believe that they are under the guidance of an antipope at this very moment.

Traditionally, all popes served until death, with only a tiny handful of exceptions. But Pope Benedict XVI broke with tradition nine years ago when he abdicated and retired to a monastery. For the past nine years, Pope Francis has claimed leadership of the Catholic church.

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Patrick Coffin is a Catholic author and speaker, and is host of The Patrick Coffin Show. Patrick argues that Pope Francis is not a valid pope. He says Francis is an antipope, and Benedict, who is still alive, remains the real and only pope.

Patrick is also the organizer of the Truth Over Fear summit series, which you can read more about at Restore The Culture dot com. That series got him banned permanently from YouTube, which by itself makes it worth checking out. That’s a good general principle: Always check out what powerful people want to ban you from reading or listening to. You don’t have to believe it, but you have the God-given right to decide for yourself if it’s true.

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Patrick Coffin joins us.

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